Walking City

I walked to and from the downtown Biltmore Hotel this morning.

I saw a man casually jogging in business casual attire. I walked by a camera crew filming a girl in a bee-yellow convertible. I studied the moldings on the public library and wished I knew more about architecture. I found the new location of Mendicino Farms, my favorite sandwich shop. I discovered a waterfall fountain hidden away in the concrete jungle. I watched an aggressive verbal exchange between a cyclist and a driver. I took a picture of a fence that was entwined with a tree. I looked at the trash that had accumulated near a gutter and wondered why people still litter. I felt torn when a man said, "Hola chica" while I passed him by - I wanted to be safe and not talk to a stranger but at the same time, I did not want to come off rude - I ended up nodding. I helped tourists find Spring street.

We live in a cool city.
I wish it was more walkable.



This time around, YFT stands for Yulree Fundraising Time.

Will be hosting a series of home-cooked dinners to fundraise for my dream. For more info, please email yulree(at)

Here's Dinner #1!

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