The Power of Intention

Less than a year ago, I told myself I'm going to India to deepen my practice of yoga. Despite the odds (job with long hours and lots of responsibilities, not enough money or time), I made it. I'm here. Shanti, shanti, shanti.


Sights of India

Some sights I'm appreciating in India:

Took this yesterday morning. It was our day off to study but we decided as a group that we'd like to see some dolphins before we got our studying on. Dolphins, unfortunately, we did not see. But we did get to see the sun rise. It was lovely to feel the waves of the ocean - it put me in a very meditative state and the rest of the day ended up being very relaxed.

Met this little girl in one of the small textile shops. Her eyes were STUNNING and they took up half of her face. She greeted me with the most gentle pull on my hand. I asked her father if I could take a picture of her and when we told her, "picture," she put her face to my camera. Every time I walked back, she kept coming forward, planting her face on the lens of my camera. So adorable.

This tree is on the path from my room to the yoga hall. Ain't it beautiful? There's so much life here, many different kinds of plants and creatures. I will do a post on all the different creatures and plants I've seen later.

Cows on the beach! These cows are exquisite, with smooth hides and long horns.

P.S. I took my final exam today. We did the performance part a couple days ago where we each had to teach a 2 hour class. Today's was the written part. Bandhas, mudras, pranayamas, bones, sutras galoreeeee. But we're finally done (that's why I can be at the internet cafe at this hour!) and we find out our test results tonight. 



I have become a neti-er! The notion of putting salt water up my nose always seemed a bit weird to me. Why would you consciously choose to feel like you're drowning in the ocean?

First of all, it doesn't feel like that. And I get it now that I've tried it. It really clarifies your breathing.And when you breath clearly, you get more oxygen. And when the body is properly oxygenated, you just feel so much better. And when you feel better, you feel happier.

I'm not trying to sell neti pots, no. :D All I'm saying is, don't follow my path and dismiss it before trying it. During travels, it's always good to keep an open mind and to not dismiss things before experiencing them for yourself.

Here's a picture of me doing it over two weeks ago.My hair has grown out a lot since then. It's currently in that awkward stage where it's extra poofy but not long enough to style. Perhaps I'll share a photo of my current hair in the near future. Perhaps I won't. :D

Happy Neti-ing!



I am truly blessed and so thankful to be here in India. I lucked out and have the two most wonderful teachers who are amazing and joyful human beings. They both are insanely wise but still retain the wonderment towards life that you often see in children. I'm enjoying the growth, the talks, the classes and everything in between.

My main teacher is Akhilesh. He's the one who put the program together. He's so lively and the way he tells stories is phenomenal. That's him playing the drums during Satsang, where we all gather together after dinner every night to discuss truth. Sometimes, we end up singing, drinking chai with sweets (Akhilesh has a lot of students/fans who visit him from Europe and they bring the best chocolates!) and talk about random things like traveling, governments, Indian tales and such.

This, above, is the open area where we sit for Satsang. We lounge here to study and chat during the day as well. And following is the view from the sitting area. The building in the photo is our yoga hall.

Probot, our philosophy and mantra teacher, seems at first very reserved and serious. But oh, the smile and laughter that man has! He is fascinated by pop culture (I told him what flash mobs were the other day and he used it as an analogy in yesterday's class) and is the most humble person I have met.  Just above is a picture of him in our yoga hall.

Breathing, eating, sleeping (just the other night, I woke up in a yoga position), dreaming, thinking, meditating, studying, reading, practicing yoga for a month is really preparing me to be a yogi. Initially, I was thinking, "there is no way I'd be ready to teach," but Akhilesh and Probot are really training us well. :)

Hope everyone else is living happily and soundly. Sending y'all much love from India.