i got a very good kick in the shin today by a dear friend. i'm so lucky to have friends who constructively and honestly point out my flaws and who really look out for me. i would love more kicks like this!


on another note: it's never too late to work on shortcomings. it's never too late to right the wrongs. it's not the mistakes that define who you are. it's what you decide to do with them.


it feels like a friday. have a good weekend folks!


What's up with these confusing butters??

so deceiving
A couple weeks ago, I went to Trader Joe's.
I picked up a jar of something deliciously called Honey Apple Butter.
"Yes!" I thought, "Apple flavored butter? Get in my mouth!"
I went home, grabbed a butter knife, opened up the jar and ravenously buttered a piece of bread with the apple butter.
I was so excited.
The butter had a jam consistency.
I should have known.
I shoved the "buttered" bread in my mouth.
To my surprise, it was apple sauce.
No buttery-ness about it.
What the heck..
It's now sitting in my fridge, untouched.

this guy's in on it, too

I had a field day at Whole Foods last night.
I picked up a jar of something called Coconut Butter.
I went home, grabbed a spoon, opened up the jar and ravenously scooped up a spoonful of creamy white coconut butter.
I was so excited.
I shoved the spoon in my mouth.
To my surprise, it was solid butter.
That tasted like coconut.
I thought it'd be more like peanut butter, y'know?
But it was actual butter.
A globful of cold coconut butter in my mouth.
Not a pleasurable experience.
What the heck.

Life is confusing.


Momma Chun

This is a big shout out to my umma, my mom.

a blurry photo of one of momma chun's works

As I was staring at the photo I took earlier of one of her paintings, I realized that my belief in the age old saying, "anything is possible if you put your mind to it," doesn't just come from reading autobiographies of famous people who overcame insane hardships or from watching years worth of CNN Heroes - it really streams down directly from my mom.

After all that she's been through with her health, our family financial problems and trying to be the best mother and wife...she has managed to become an established artist and singer. She's had her artwork presented in a gallery. She's sang at Carnegie Hall and the Korean equivalent of the White House in Korea. She may even sing at the actual White House (so she nonchalantly mentioned the other day). Like whoa, right? And guess what? She did this all after the age of 50. That's Momma Chun for you. Fierce.

"Put yo' mind to it, G." - Momma Chun


Yulree Badass/Business Time

I have another blog
it's private.
and it's called YBT.
Yulree Badass/Business Time.

My life isn't always as careless/fun/exciting as this blog makes it out to be. I'm a hustler at heart. There's a method to the madness behind this crazy life I lead.

Here's a look into the life of YBT. The behind the scenes. The parts I usually leave out:

8:30am-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6pm-10pm -- Work hospitality night job
10pm-11:30pm -- Be super late to a nonprofit meeting.
11:30pm -- Fit in grocery shopping at a 24 hour supermarket

8:30am-7pm -- Work marketing day job
8pm-10:30pm  -- Nonprofit meeting
11pm-midnight -- Prepare lunches for Wed/Thurs

8am-Noon -- Community Roundtable at LA Chamber of Commerce
1pm-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6:30-?? -- Nonprofit meeting/dinner in SGV
??-?? -- Work on finalizing all details for next week's nonprofit event

8am-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6:30pm-11pm -- Work hospitality night job
11:30pm-midnight -- Pack for weekend trip

ARIZONAAAAA work on side project :) :)

See? Not so exciting now, is it? :D

My friends who do know me and my schedule ask when I sleep. I do sleep. I just don't get as much down time as I'd like. Also, I've resorted to running my errands during lunch and on my phone/internet whenever possible.
And why all the nonprofit stuff? Simple - because I like it. I love the people who are part of the nonprofits I am involved with and I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others whenever I can.
Why the second night job? Also simple - I am gaining experience in that field for my future.

I'm a hustler baby
I just want you to know
It aint where I been
But where I'm bout to go

I CAN'T WAIT until I'm in Arizona just bumming it in my PJs all weekend. And of course, work on a (very exciting) side project.

Mind Grapes*

A toddler weighing more than me? Mind grapes disturbed.
photo from The Sun
According to this article, he weighs more than 9 stones. I had no idea publications still use stones as measurements. 9 stones = 126 lbs. Geebus. I fear for this kid toddler. He's only three!


Preview for Black Swan II? Mind grapes inspired.
Art, at its finest


The Un-Road Trip. Mind grapes excited. 
i'd like to hitch a ride
"Taking a cross-country road trip without a car – that’s the goal of quirky eco-adventurer, Boaz Frankel. Join him on his 12,000 mile journey by camel, couch bike, canoe, motorized cooler and 100 other modes of transportation as he meets inventors, entrepreneurs and government leaders on his quest for alternative, sustainable transportation."

Premieres April 22nd here. Looking forward to the camels and inventions.


*Mind Grapes:  noun. 1. the pulpy, excitable smooth-skinned berry or fruit that dwell in the brain and from which mind wine is made; Origin: 2011 Land of IALAS



Reason #104 why I should move to Spain:

Largest wooden structure in el mundo! It even houses a farmers market. Why I am not there now, I do not know.

Reason #9674080950265097374678382384777 why I have the coolest friends:
They've put together a Coachella viewing/enjoying/loving party, dubbed by the resident DJ of my life, Mister DJ Bedhead, as Couchella.  They know what I need more than I do.

Reason #1 why I'm so happy:
Lazy Thursdays

Reason #2 why I'm so happy:
Millions of morsels in my mouth. Delicious alliterations are welcome any day of the week.


Interrupting my hiatus to...

Interrupting my short hiatus from blogging to wish someone very very special and dear to my heart a simply beautiful birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mister Green.
Your music, your soul provides a never-ending warmth to the world.

this album cover got it right. the absolute best.



In a room full of men, I was the one who fell asleep watching Eat Pray Love. :D

A couple months have passed since then and because I'm currently in this headspace where I feel like I need to finish what I started., I finally finished watching Eat Pray Love (as well as a bag of peppered beef jerky and three books).

My takeaways on the movie? One, the book was better. Two, Julia Roberts is one lucky (and gorgeous) mofo who got both James Franco AND Javier Bardem as lovers in just one film. You go girl. And three, we all need to attraversiamo some more. Let's cross over. Take more chances. Go for it!!



As I've mentioned quite frequently within the past week,  I did not go on my vacation that I had been waiting for for two years. Yes, it sucked. Yes, I was very bummed about it. But you know what? I'm all about making some delicious lemon meringue pie out of lemons.

With the money from the fully refunded ticket plus some money I saved to spend in Japan, I am funding 4 different weekend trips (with some left over to donate)!! The trips shall be fabulous. They shall be mesmerizing. They shall be AN ADVENTURE!

So within the next two months, I'll be going on four weekend trips:

1) Palm Springs
I've driven by Palm Springs more than...I've gone to Disneyland. More than the number of cups of coffee I've consumed in my life. More than I've gone to bed before 10pm. But! I only remember staying there once when I was just a wee little girl with my family. And I think we were just driving through. I'm not even completely sure if it was Palm Springs. Maybe it was Phoenix?
It just goes to show that it was due time that I made a visit. And visit in style. I'm going with my girlfriend, the illustrious travel bunny, and we're gonna spa it up at one of the top spa resorts according to Conde Nast (thanks for hooking it up, Trev!), maybe do some romantic (what's wrong with that) horseback riding, hike at Joshua Tree (a place that's been on my bucket list forever) and most importantly, relaaaaaaaaaaaax. I. can't. wait.

2) Phoenix
For Easter! Spending time with my parents and brother under the hot Arizona sun. I can't wait for family time.

3) New Orleans
Oh dear. Oh my. This trip is going to be super special. Like Coachella special. Okay, that's a bad metaphor. It's gonna be hands down MAGIC. Becaaawse, folks, I'm going there for the Jazz Festival! In case you've been living in under a small sterile rock, Imma drop some common knowledge - New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz. Where Jazz was beautifully conceived. I don't know too many contemporary Jazz artists, but I do love my fair share of Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, Miles Davis and good ol Coltrane. I am pretty excited to see that I'll get to see Lauryn Hill, John Legend & The Roots and Amos Lee!! Amos Lee's stuff was a pretty recent discovery for me and I've been an avid listener/enjoyer. I definitely have to brush up on my contemporary Jazz though - I didn't even know a third of the artists on the stage schedule!

And don't get me started on the food...

4) San Francisco
I love San Francisco, but I wasn't planning on going again unless work sent me. I was there 5 times last year and kind of had my fill of all things San Francisco. BUT! The right travel buddies makes all the difference. I'll be going there for my first running thing (would you call it a marathon? wikipedia calls it a footrace), Bay to Breakers, with a very fun gang. I know it's gonna be a weekend filled with laughs and a lot of food. And running!

Time to get packing and budgeting. :)


Sidenote: How funny is the word, "Fattoush?" I can't help but think about how "Fattoush" is just inches away from sounding like "Fat Tushy."

For those who never heard of this word, it's a salad. My mind is tickled.


Happy Friday! :)

Ruth Bourdain

I love it when people are not perfect.

"I care about all of my causes so very much," said Waters. "I really do. But sometimes I just want to punch a hippie in the face and eat a big fucking Indonesian swordfish steak."
-  Alice Waters aka Ruth Bourdain

From this post.