Date is On! In real time

Ooooh yes, it is on. On a self date right now. And it's awesome. So awesome my date deserves a reward. It's like the feeling you get when you haven't eaten In N' Out for an entire year and you walk through those metal doors and the aroma of grilled onions and fresh beef patties warmly welcomes your animal style burger deprived tummy.

It feels good not to work. To not think about work. Okay, I just thought about work. For a brief second though. Agh, there goes another second. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo.

Okay, I had to take a second to distract my mind again. So!!! Right now, I'm watching a BBC documentary called Yellowstone: Battle for Life; Episode 1: Winter.

It is bad ass. Like The Godfather soundtrack bad ass. Eagle versus eagle fighting over a blood carcass on a new sheet of pure white snow. Now eagle versus coyote!! Coyote's teeth won over the eagle's fangs. Pshh, if the eagle really tried, it would've so won. Geez. This is intense. Now all the little tiny black birds have a built an army to take on the loner coyote. Coyote still won. Darn, I was hoping the black birds would win. I like rooting for the underdogs.

Diamond dust!! Wowwwwwwwww. Big fat snow in slow motion. Frozen crystals.

Oh! Did you know? I met Lindsay Lohan's dad today? And I had no clue as to who he was so I asked him to repeat his name for me and I asked him what he does. Eh, he looked really normal. That is until I looked him up online and the first photo I found was of him in a MESH shirt. I saw his nipples. Gross.

Okay, I'm tired. Even though this documentary is mindblowing, the guy's voice on here is so soothing. Mmmm. Mister englishman, your voice is lovely. You wrap me in a warm fuzzy blanket with your voice. This is the best date evarrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


yft said...

hahaha. eagles don't have fangs. talons! get it right.

. said...

Nature shows HAVE to use a soothing British person (male or female).... hehe, was I the only one who found it odd that Oprah did Life?