TOTD 1: Events, Ken & Twitter

Tidbits of the day:

-Boss told me client wants to duplicate an event I did earlier this New York, Hong Kong and perhaps Vietnam?! WHAT! Heck to the Yeah.

-Was informed that Ken Watanabe's restaurant of choice in L.A. is Torafuku. Torafuku, btw, is delicious.

-4 Rooms is now one of the weirdest shizz I've ever watched.

-Learned that twitter is actually pretty entertaining/useful

-Realized that I haven't really checked my email for apprx 2 days. Kinda scared to open now - it's become my pandora's box.


Yoga, Unpause!

Yoga was on pause for the past couple months, regrettably, due to work, travel, running injuries, colds and distractions I am not proud of.

Only recently did I get back into the vinyasa groove. DJ Bedhead helped me find a charming new yoga studio on Sunset just less than 10 minutes (drive) from home. I should really start running to the studio, but the classes I've been going to are at 6:55 in the morning...and do you know how effin' cold and dark it is lately at 6:55 in the morning? It's already a miracle that I wake up that early. One miracle at a time.

I have to say, it feels immensely liberating and gratifying getting back into yoga. Liberating because it gives my mind a break from distractions. Gratifying because my body feels so damn good after some deep stretching and breathing. 

It's a wonder why I ever put yoga on hold. It makes life so much sweeter.


Tentative Itinerary

India- tech purge. sugar purge. distraction purge. yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga

Japan- ramen. donkatsu. sake. sushi. sushi. sushi. kaiseki. yakiniku. shabu shabu. yakitori.



So. This shaving my head thing. No matter how much I hype it up, I think it'll still be freakin' heart-thumping, jaw-droppingly climatic the day I shave it. I am going to freak. My new hairdresser is going to freak. My friends are going to freak. My MOM is going to freak.

Funny thing, my hair is actually starting to look quite nice. It was in this awkward phase for a while due to an unfortunate haircut by a layer-happy hairdresser in ktown last year. At its worst, my hair was unhealthy, dull, tangley and highly prone to dandruff. In other words, my hair effin' sucked and the top bun became my new best friend. It was only after I decided to shave my head did I start taking care of it. Cuz if I were to cut of off my hair in its current condition then, no one would ever accept my hair as a donation, even if it was a donation. So sad.

I can really see the difference in taking care of my hair! I laugh at myself for not taking care of my hair sooner.  I've been using organic Whole Foods products, leave-in conditioner, root fortifiers...the whole gamut. And now, I'm really digging my hair. I'm totally gonna show it off - with hair flings, head bangs, all of it. Look at my gorgeous hair, world! It won't be here for long.

Soon, it'll be bye bye hair. I hope someone will get some really good use out of it. 


What's Up

DJ Bedhead bakes cookies and brews tea. Oh, he knows. He knows what's up.


Hammer Toes & Small Achievements

My foot throbs like the thunderous heart of a love-sick giant. I now am fully aware of the importance of training. These past two days of pain was worth it though. When I limp around and people ask what happened, I proudly answer, "It's from running a race." No humbleness here. "I received my battle wound in an epic war against time and pavement and lived to tell the tale! I win, you mothereffers!"

Nah, to be honest. I'm not proud. I'm glad I finished the race in an acceptable amount of time, but I also feel foolish for not training -- I know I could've seriously injured myself for not prepping properly.I look forward to training now that I've experienced first-hand the hellish pain that one faces without it. I'd like to avoid any future puking and ugly hammer toes, thank you.The pain only makes me want to train better, train more.

I'm hooked on races now. No turning back. The camaraderie, the health food swag (except for gu - gross), the satisfaction of crossing the finish line, the fascinating feeling of pushing the body and mind more than one ever thought one could. It's pretty awesome. Funny where life takes you. This time last year, I was a total hater towards running.


I wrote this following post on 2/2/11. Not sure why I left it in my draft box. But man, do the words, "Remember, the biggest successes in life don't just come out of nowhere. They're an accumulation of all the smaller achievements (and failures)," ring ever so true.

It's important to celebrate even the smallest of achievements.

I don't remember the last time I went running. I remember the last several failed attempts though - at Santa Monica, at Venice beach, at the park, in the gym.... I honestly believe I've never exceeded more than one mile in one run before. Maybe while playing soccer, but that's different. You have goals, a ball and a mission to kick ass. Running? You just have running.
hate running. It's insanely boring, it makes my fat jiggle and I always always end up cramping up. I can probably come up with a couple more reasons if I stopped to think about it. But running isn't something I'd like to think about too much.
Well, can you guess what happened just a couple days ago?! I RAN three miles. Without stopping. No hesitation. Kept shuffling, hustling and puffing away for THREE whole miles. It was surreal. I felt like He-man. Charging through air molecules as though they were a bundle of trees, ready for battle. Oh, and guess what? The three-mile run happened right after I had just hiked for three miles. Oh snap.
I haven't felt this physically accomplished since The Wildcats AKA Too Hot To Handle, my 1994 soccer team (we wore hot pink shirts and sung the The Pink Panther theme song whenever we scored a goal), won the all-girls championships. 
Achieving this accomplishment, though deemed small, really fed the "I can do anything if I put my mind to it" fire. Let it burrrrrrn.

Remember, the biggest successes in life don't just come out of nowhere. They're an accumulation of all the smaller achievements (and failures). 


That's the best part

While checking off action items off of my to do list, I realized no matter how much I prepare, I can never be fully prepared. That's the best part about it. Not ever knowing what's really going to happen.

All I know is that I'm in for some wild change. No technology, no to do lists (maybe), no millions of things to do in one day, no hair, no distractions. Pretty sure it's going to stir up a whirlwind inside this little ol' me. I'm not even there yet and it already is. Yippeekaiyay.

YFT, bitches.


P.S. Love you guys who have been helping/nudging/pushing/iron fisting* me to get closer to D-Day.

*get your mind out of the gutter

Cray Cray

Pay deposit

Buy flight ticket

Speak to parents

Email coworker in India

Sew a yoga bag (got one at a bookstore with a giftcard)

Get shots

Shave head

Buy a wig


Get large suitcase from AZ


Decided to start documenting my progress/process of...what should I name it...change.




I love it when I convert my friends into enjoyers of:

-brussels sprouts



What we're having for dinner

(please excuse the profanity)

me: want to do dinner

R: no not yet
we can do dinner
do you want meat?
or masa

me: MEAT


me: omgggg

R: brazilian

me: i'm salivating

R: asian youth center?

me: all you can eat!

R: all york city

me: ayc...e

R: oh

me: i forgot the eat part


me: cuz i was on a meat high

meat high

omg, sounds so good



me: OMG


me: i feel like i haven't had brazillian meat in FOREVER

R: i heard there's a brazilian place in korea town

me: yes!
oh, just M
M Grill

R: O M Grill



me: Muthereffin GRILL




Walking City

I walked to and from the downtown Biltmore Hotel this morning.

I saw a man casually jogging in business casual attire. I walked by a camera crew filming a girl in a bee-yellow convertible. I studied the moldings on the public library and wished I knew more about architecture. I found the new location of Mendicino Farms, my favorite sandwich shop. I discovered a waterfall fountain hidden away in the concrete jungle. I watched an aggressive verbal exchange between a cyclist and a driver. I took a picture of a fence that was entwined with a tree. I looked at the trash that had accumulated near a gutter and wondered why people still litter. I felt torn when a man said, "Hola chica" while I passed him by - I wanted to be safe and not talk to a stranger but at the same time, I did not want to come off rude - I ended up nodding. I helped tourists find Spring street.

We live in a cool city.
I wish it was more walkable.



This time around, YFT stands for Yulree Fundraising Time.

Will be hosting a series of home-cooked dinners to fundraise for my dream. For more info, please email yulree(at)

Here's Dinner #1!

click image to enlarge


Funky Town

Been in a funk lately. Work has been eating me ALIVE.


YFT In Flash Mob Video - Spot Me If You Can!

Finally found the footage from the flash mob I participated in back in June.

If you find me, you can see how I kinda messed up in the beginning. I got too excited and forgot the moves. I'm wearing loose green cargo pants toward the back. Spot me if you can!


Been going through quite a lot lately - professionally, personally, internally, externally, all the allys. Some good and some bad but even the bads ends up being goods.

So what's new? 

1) Been getting closer with family

2) Started a new blog that I'm pretty excited about. It's a bit of a challenge to focus on one topic as I'm usually all over the place. I'm glad though. The restriction actually forces me to be more creative. I'm still going to keep writing here though about non-cookie related things.

3) I am in the planning stages of something quite wonderful. It's in the beginning stages of being finalized. It's halfway to being set in stone.I don't want to reveal it just yet for fear of jinxing it. For now, I can give you a hint.

4) I've been biking a lot more nowadays. Whenever I have dinner plans/meetings close to home, I leave my car and bike it!


overload, for sure



In other news:
1. This would be a bus I'd like to ride.
2. He is my sole provider of audio treats these days. Discovered him through the Ratatouille soundtrack...have been a fan ever since!


Momma Chun pt.2

She just keeps getting cooler and cooler.



You really do get what you put in. 
yelle @ musicbox
If you radiate positive energy -- trust me -- you will surely attract positive energy. 


The Bald Pack

a pretty photographer captured a precious moment
of 3 girlfriends
promising eachother, 
"if one of us goes bald, we all go bald."

the bald pack

i can't wait to shave my head.


in other news:
finally made it to joshua tree for one of the most amazing camping trips in yft history.'s the moments that take your breath away


Flash Mob Hollywood

One more thing I could add to me resume. Woohoo! Just kidding.

Still awaiting good video footage, but in the meantime, here are some photos! 

First, we practiced for 3 hours at a park far away from the chosen location. 
Practiced, practiced and practiced - enough to forever ingrain the moves into our heads. 

Making it rain

We all purchased shirts to support Japan relief efforts - all proceeds went to the Japanese Red Cross.
We hid the shirts underneath unassuming jackets, cardigans and sweaters. 
Once we got to the location, we assimilated with the crowd. 

Can you spot me? Pretty easy. I can spot 2 of my friends here, too! 

When I heard the music start, I got soooo excited. More excited than I thought I would. Couldn't contain my smile.

 The moment passed so quickly. In a flash, we came, we danced and we were gone.

Yep, that's me!

Was it worth feeling silly in front of my mirror trying to get the choreography down the night before? Was it worth waking up early Sunday morning to practice for 3 hours? 

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, do it!

There's me in the back (red) and my friend, V (orange)

Met several cool folks and even found a really yummy (yes, yummy!) vegan restaurant nearby.
There will definitely be more flash mobs in my future.


Little One

Oh yes, when I have me a little one, I will surely let her wear whatever she would like. Cowboy boots and a sarong? Why not! A toga with a cape and top hat? Sure! She will be a crazy one, I'm sure. 

But once in a while, I would like to dress the little one in one of these little outfits. 

from Nellystella

from Nellystella

from Nellystella

Especially numero uno. Polka dots, poofy skirt and classic red coat - irresistible!


Found via Oh Joy!


Momo Season

I know it's still kinda premature for the super delicious peaches (which come out  later in July) but I really couldn't wait to start taking them home whenever I see them at grocery stores/famer's markets.

The other day, I excitedly picked up a bunch of peaches from Vons b/c they smelled so alluringly good. Unfortunately for me, the batch did not taste anything like it smelled and was uber bitter. Caused major cottonmouth. And equally major disappointment.

DJ Bedhead said that I should still use them somehow. So wise.

One for you, one for me

I tried to make peach cobbler without looking up any recipes (I hate following recipes) and ended up with peach muffins. 

Still tasted yummy. :) 

I'm going to stick to buying peaches at farmer's markets and Korean grocery stores now. They know good fruit.


Foolish and Addicted

I think I am addicted to physically challenging myself.

Never have I challenged myself this much (physically) as I have within the past month or two. It's all because of a combination of willingness and foolishness.

Bay to Breakers, uphill, getting pumped by Biggie Smalls and Daft Punk
First off, I got the crazy idea that I should start running. Why? I dunno. I thought I hated it so I tried it just to reconfirm my hatred. I was wrong. It was actually not that bad. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to run Bay to Breakers, I said, "Sure! Sounds fun" without really knowing how much I'd have to run.

You know, just chillin' just stretchin' with my medal
I didn't even know that it was over 7 miles until I got to the 7 mile mark while actually running it. And I really did run the whole thing! Twas tough but the experience was a very remarkable one. I smelled pine trees, high-fived naked old people, got a gorgeous view of the bay and even got a medal!

My mini mountain bike
Then there's the biking thing. I've always always always been such a scaredy cat on the bike. My parents got me a beautiful pink/purple one when I was little and I still refused to learn. When I finally learned at the age of 18, I was still pretty bad at biking whenever there were people or cars around. My college roommate had this running joke that whenever she would bike with me, she'd turn around to see me in a bush or apologizing to someone.

Channeling The Rock as I biked 30+ miles; constant stream of sweat - so sexy
I wanted to experience Los Angeles on a different level so I got me a bike. My second time riding it, I was already on the road, with cars and trucks zooming past me. It wasn't so bad since it was pretty leisurely. But then, my fourth time...I ended up freakin' biking over 30 miles with Critical Mass with my dinky Target-bought mountain bike. That's what happens when I say yes without really thinking about it. Hardest thing I've ever done in years.

Post-biking. You can tell I was sooooo happy to be off that bike.

Intense hiking, bikram yoga, trapezing - you name it. I've been rapidly going through the list as if I don't have the rest of my life to get them all in.

Climbing up some silk ropes @ Cirque School
Just another day in the life of YFT - Climbing trees @ the Disney Concert Hall.

As mentioned before, I think it takes a little bit of foolishness to do stuff like this. It overrides the fear. The fear of firsts and the fear of looming difficulties (e.g. getting hurt, feeling faint, being insanely sore).

Whether out of foolishness or the excitement for a good challenge or both, I'm not sure, but I signed up for my half marathon, will be signing up for a FULL marathon soon, and I really don't know what I was thinking when I did this, but I just signed up to bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a 7-day, 545 mile bike ride. I dunno. I'm crazy.

Here's to being foolish and enjoying life to the fullest! 

BY THE WAY, IT'S THE BEGINNING OF PEACH SEASON!!! Peaches!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM. My ultimate favorite thing to eat!!! I've been waiting ALL YEAR.

So rad. So freakin' rad.


Reason #1,000,000

Reason #1,000,000 I'll be moving to Spain:


YFT has been outdoors. 
As much as possible. :)



Enjoying the soulful tunes of a ragtime band on a beautiful morning in the picturesque French Quarter.

Singing a classic Jelly Roll Morton song



The Worst Case Scenario:

An Awesome Time


Pretty Awesome

I danced like nobody was watching 3 days in a row this past weekend.
It was pretty awesome.
You know what else is awesome?
Dancing in New Orleans w/ Live Jazz in 5 more days.
See you soon, NoLa.



i got a very good kick in the shin today by a dear friend. i'm so lucky to have friends who constructively and honestly point out my flaws and who really look out for me. i would love more kicks like this!


on another note: it's never too late to work on shortcomings. it's never too late to right the wrongs. it's not the mistakes that define who you are. it's what you decide to do with them.


it feels like a friday. have a good weekend folks!


What's up with these confusing butters??

so deceiving
A couple weeks ago, I went to Trader Joe's.
I picked up a jar of something deliciously called Honey Apple Butter.
"Yes!" I thought, "Apple flavored butter? Get in my mouth!"
I went home, grabbed a butter knife, opened up the jar and ravenously buttered a piece of bread with the apple butter.
I was so excited.
The butter had a jam consistency.
I should have known.
I shoved the "buttered" bread in my mouth.
To my surprise, it was apple sauce.
No buttery-ness about it.
What the heck..
It's now sitting in my fridge, untouched.

this guy's in on it, too

I had a field day at Whole Foods last night.
I picked up a jar of something called Coconut Butter.
I went home, grabbed a spoon, opened up the jar and ravenously scooped up a spoonful of creamy white coconut butter.
I was so excited.
I shoved the spoon in my mouth.
To my surprise, it was solid butter.
That tasted like coconut.
I thought it'd be more like peanut butter, y'know?
But it was actual butter.
A globful of cold coconut butter in my mouth.
Not a pleasurable experience.
What the heck.

Life is confusing.


Momma Chun

This is a big shout out to my umma, my mom.

a blurry photo of one of momma chun's works

As I was staring at the photo I took earlier of one of her paintings, I realized that my belief in the age old saying, "anything is possible if you put your mind to it," doesn't just come from reading autobiographies of famous people who overcame insane hardships or from watching years worth of CNN Heroes - it really streams down directly from my mom.

After all that she's been through with her health, our family financial problems and trying to be the best mother and wife...she has managed to become an established artist and singer. She's had her artwork presented in a gallery. She's sang at Carnegie Hall and the Korean equivalent of the White House in Korea. She may even sing at the actual White House (so she nonchalantly mentioned the other day). Like whoa, right? And guess what? She did this all after the age of 50. That's Momma Chun for you. Fierce.

"Put yo' mind to it, G." - Momma Chun


Yulree Badass/Business Time

I have another blog
it's private.
and it's called YBT.
Yulree Badass/Business Time.

My life isn't always as careless/fun/exciting as this blog makes it out to be. I'm a hustler at heart. There's a method to the madness behind this crazy life I lead.

Here's a look into the life of YBT. The behind the scenes. The parts I usually leave out:

8:30am-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6pm-10pm -- Work hospitality night job
10pm-11:30pm -- Be super late to a nonprofit meeting.
11:30pm -- Fit in grocery shopping at a 24 hour supermarket

8:30am-7pm -- Work marketing day job
8pm-10:30pm  -- Nonprofit meeting
11pm-midnight -- Prepare lunches for Wed/Thurs

8am-Noon -- Community Roundtable at LA Chamber of Commerce
1pm-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6:30-?? -- Nonprofit meeting/dinner in SGV
??-?? -- Work on finalizing all details for next week's nonprofit event

8am-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6:30pm-11pm -- Work hospitality night job
11:30pm-midnight -- Pack for weekend trip

ARIZONAAAAA work on side project :) :)

See? Not so exciting now, is it? :D

My friends who do know me and my schedule ask when I sleep. I do sleep. I just don't get as much down time as I'd like. Also, I've resorted to running my errands during lunch and on my phone/internet whenever possible.
And why all the nonprofit stuff? Simple - because I like it. I love the people who are part of the nonprofits I am involved with and I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others whenever I can.
Why the second night job? Also simple - I am gaining experience in that field for my future.

I'm a hustler baby
I just want you to know
It aint where I been
But where I'm bout to go

I CAN'T WAIT until I'm in Arizona just bumming it in my PJs all weekend. And of course, work on a (very exciting) side project.

Mind Grapes*

A toddler weighing more than me? Mind grapes disturbed.
photo from The Sun
According to this article, he weighs more than 9 stones. I had no idea publications still use stones as measurements. 9 stones = 126 lbs. Geebus. I fear for this kid toddler. He's only three!


Preview for Black Swan II? Mind grapes inspired.
Art, at its finest


The Un-Road Trip. Mind grapes excited. 
i'd like to hitch a ride
"Taking a cross-country road trip without a car – that’s the goal of quirky eco-adventurer, Boaz Frankel. Join him on his 12,000 mile journey by camel, couch bike, canoe, motorized cooler and 100 other modes of transportation as he meets inventors, entrepreneurs and government leaders on his quest for alternative, sustainable transportation."

Premieres April 22nd here. Looking forward to the camels and inventions.


*Mind Grapes:  noun. 1. the pulpy, excitable smooth-skinned berry or fruit that dwell in the brain and from which mind wine is made; Origin: 2011 Land of IALAS



Reason #104 why I should move to Spain:

Largest wooden structure in el mundo! It even houses a farmers market. Why I am not there now, I do not know.

Reason #9674080950265097374678382384777 why I have the coolest friends:
They've put together a Coachella viewing/enjoying/loving party, dubbed by the resident DJ of my life, Mister DJ Bedhead, as Couchella.  They know what I need more than I do.

Reason #1 why I'm so happy:
Lazy Thursdays

Reason #2 why I'm so happy:
Millions of morsels in my mouth. Delicious alliterations are welcome any day of the week.


Interrupting my hiatus to...

Interrupting my short hiatus from blogging to wish someone very very special and dear to my heart a simply beautiful birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mister Green.
Your music, your soul provides a never-ending warmth to the world.

this album cover got it right. the absolute best.



In a room full of men, I was the one who fell asleep watching Eat Pray Love. :D

A couple months have passed since then and because I'm currently in this headspace where I feel like I need to finish what I started., I finally finished watching Eat Pray Love (as well as a bag of peppered beef jerky and three books).

My takeaways on the movie? One, the book was better. Two, Julia Roberts is one lucky (and gorgeous) mofo who got both James Franco AND Javier Bardem as lovers in just one film. You go girl. And three, we all need to attraversiamo some more. Let's cross over. Take more chances. Go for it!!



As I've mentioned quite frequently within the past week,  I did not go on my vacation that I had been waiting for for two years. Yes, it sucked. Yes, I was very bummed about it. But you know what? I'm all about making some delicious lemon meringue pie out of lemons.

With the money from the fully refunded ticket plus some money I saved to spend in Japan, I am funding 4 different weekend trips (with some left over to donate)!! The trips shall be fabulous. They shall be mesmerizing. They shall be AN ADVENTURE!

So within the next two months, I'll be going on four weekend trips:

1) Palm Springs
I've driven by Palm Springs more than...I've gone to Disneyland. More than the number of cups of coffee I've consumed in my life. More than I've gone to bed before 10pm. But! I only remember staying there once when I was just a wee little girl with my family. And I think we were just driving through. I'm not even completely sure if it was Palm Springs. Maybe it was Phoenix?
It just goes to show that it was due time that I made a visit. And visit in style. I'm going with my girlfriend, the illustrious travel bunny, and we're gonna spa it up at one of the top spa resorts according to Conde Nast (thanks for hooking it up, Trev!), maybe do some romantic (what's wrong with that) horseback riding, hike at Joshua Tree (a place that's been on my bucket list forever) and most importantly, relaaaaaaaaaaaax. I. can't. wait.

2) Phoenix
For Easter! Spending time with my parents and brother under the hot Arizona sun. I can't wait for family time.

3) New Orleans
Oh dear. Oh my. This trip is going to be super special. Like Coachella special. Okay, that's a bad metaphor. It's gonna be hands down MAGIC. Becaaawse, folks, I'm going there for the Jazz Festival! In case you've been living in under a small sterile rock, Imma drop some common knowledge - New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz. Where Jazz was beautifully conceived. I don't know too many contemporary Jazz artists, but I do love my fair share of Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, Miles Davis and good ol Coltrane. I am pretty excited to see that I'll get to see Lauryn Hill, John Legend & The Roots and Amos Lee!! Amos Lee's stuff was a pretty recent discovery for me and I've been an avid listener/enjoyer. I definitely have to brush up on my contemporary Jazz though - I didn't even know a third of the artists on the stage schedule!

And don't get me started on the food...

4) San Francisco
I love San Francisco, but I wasn't planning on going again unless work sent me. I was there 5 times last year and kind of had my fill of all things San Francisco. BUT! The right travel buddies makes all the difference. I'll be going there for my first running thing (would you call it a marathon? wikipedia calls it a footrace), Bay to Breakers, with a very fun gang. I know it's gonna be a weekend filled with laughs and a lot of food. And running!

Time to get packing and budgeting. :)


Sidenote: How funny is the word, "Fattoush?" I can't help but think about how "Fattoush" is just inches away from sounding like "Fat Tushy."

For those who never heard of this word, it's a salad. My mind is tickled.


Happy Friday! :)

Ruth Bourdain

I love it when people are not perfect.

"I care about all of my causes so very much," said Waters. "I really do. But sometimes I just want to punch a hippie in the face and eat a big fucking Indonesian swordfish steak."
-  Alice Waters aka Ruth Bourdain

From this post.


Welcome to Adulthood

uh oh spaghetti o's

As I was walking down Santa Monica Blvd during my lunch hour, I saw my reflection on one of the glossy storefronts....and I did not like what I saw.

What I saw was ME holding a can of diet coke. 

Whoa, how'd that happen. 

I grew up not drinking soft drinks. So naturally, I didn't acquire a taste (or feel?) for the harshly carbonated, overly sugary substance. I especially hated the taste of fake sugar. The only soft drink I really remember liking as a kid was Dr. Pepper/Rootbeer that was decarbonated (left out for a day or two). 

So why was I holding a can of diet coke today?

It's like the nicotine patch effect.

The past two weeks, I had used coffee and diet coke to ween myself off from my really bad chocolate habit. (How bad was this habit? It was more like an addiction, actually. I was eating about 10 pieces of chocolate a day. 5 would be usually be consumed before 10am. The tipping point was when I finished off a box of See's chocolates in one day). 

The diet coke and coffee definitely worked. I crave chocolate no more! (<-- just said this out loud, with a booming epic battle voice. think Maximus Decimus Meridius). I even gave away my whole chocolate stash!

BUT what weened me off from one addiction has in turn become my newest addiction. The weener has become the weenee. 

Well, now that I'm aware of it, I must revert back to my clean, plain tea drinking days. I just really hope I don't fall back into gorging on chocolate.


Sidenote: I mentioned my new addiction to my coworker and she snarkishly replied, "Welcome to adulthood." 
Is this what it's like being an adult? Coffee, diet coke and long work hours? 
YFT does not approve.

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller


Sometimes, the 5 year old in me wants to

via the genius mind of Geoff Mcfetridge

for my writing friends: A Short Story Contest!
i know a couple of you who could win. hands down. skirts up.



Being denied my vacation, the dionysus in me has been kicking and screaming to get out and play.

So this past week, I've been:
cooking & dining out more
truffle shavings on top of butter poached lobster? heck yes.

shopping more
mostly spring/summer dresses (spring, please come soon) 
i wish these were my real shopping bags - i found this photo online

planning more mini trips 
april/may is going to be packed!
possible girls only palm springs weekender, 
Arizona easter w/ fambam,
New Orleans Jazz Fest w/ the craziest kids in town
SF Bay to Breakers w/ the rainbow crew

I don't want to jinx it (knock on wood) but I'm so insanely excited!!
The live performance I've been waiting for
For years
She comes to LA like once/twice a year 
and I've missed all her performances the past several years
Due to unfortunate timing


She's coming to LA.
And I'm going!
Got my ticket, y'all.
May 21st. May 21st. May 21st.

More Yelle Here



Today was going to be the first day of my vacation. Right now, I was supposed to be done packing and heading to the airport for a flight to Japan. Once I got to Japan, I was supposed to call my best friends from HS and have a really awesome meal while filling each other in on all the important moments and details of our lives and reminiscing of the times we had in Thailand. Within the next couple of days, I was going to: 1) follow the footsteps of many super foodies and visit the Tsukiji Fish Market, 2) do some fun people watching in Shibuya/Shinjuku, 3) spend several glorious hours at Studio Ghibli, 4) sleep in a capsule, 5) have a lovely picnic surrounded by cherry blossoms, 6) eat eat eat in Osaka, 7) take a picture with the clown, 8) spa it up old school style in Kyoto and 9) build memories that will forever bind my heart with Japan and my fellow travelers.

It doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. My prayers go out to Japan and for those who have lost their houses, their friends and their loved ones. 

Huge, long drawn out bear hugs to Maki & Akiko. I promise to see you soon.

I love that there are so many different ways people have been providing support to Japan. Last night, I took a moment to step back and observe all the folks at the CAPE Japan Fundraiser. Children, adults, musicians, young professionals, corporate sponsors, media, professional dancers, comedians, restaurant owners, caterers, actors, photographers, students, volunteers -- all supporting in their own way, whether it's through their food, their time, their money or their contacts...such a beautiful sight to see.

I was very lucky to be able to work on this PSA. On the day of this shoot, there was this silent, underlying understanding of why we were all there, doing what we were doing. The energy was calm, strong and very focused. I remember Tamilyn Tomita and Harry Shum Jr. both saying (paraphrased) that during these times, we find encouragement in realizing that we are all the same, that we're all in this together.

If you have not done so already, please support. In any way you can.


Sweetest Video You Ever Did See

always a beautiful moment reuniting with your loved ones


Back to Basics

I had a mini breakthrough yesterday.

My mind decided to cut me a break and threw me a nice delicious bone. After weeks of feeling restless and not understanding where the restlessness came from, I finally came to the super refreshing realization that I am addicted to the feeling of growing. Notice I included "the feeling of." For a while, I thought I was addicted to growing, which I am, but I also couldn't figure out why that would bother me the way it did. I found that it's not the growing part that's the problem. Ah ha! It's my perception of it.

I'm pretty darn sure that the reason why I hop from one challenge to another I just jump onto large mountains of challenges, and why I keep piling them on, is because somewhere in my brain that calculates all the reasoning dwells a little yulree robot mechanically chanting, "more equals growth, more equals growth." How scary is that.

I had forgotten, amidst my hectic life, with challenges bursting out at the seams, some of the very fundamentals of growth.

-doesn't always have to show overnight
-sometimes takes repetition
-can't happen if there are too many elements involved
-takes time
-includes some breaks and nap times

everything i realized portrayed in one drawing

Glad the fog has settled and I could SEE again. What a beautiful reminder. Is it just me or do most answers and life lessons come from trees? :)

On another note:

1) I started drinking coffee. Surprisingly, good news bears. Usually, caffeine and I don't mix, but it's been good to me the past two days. Is it strange to say that it may have alleviated my cold? It's also curbed my craving for chocolate. Replacing one vice with another. Boy, I am sure going places.

2) Guess who got to do some serving last night? Me! And guess who got to serve Christina Hendricks? Me! The restaurant that I'm interning at was short staffed and needed help so I put on my serving shoes and jumped right in. There's something about getting compliments from a famous person -- a gorgeous and pleasant famous person at that -- that just makes you feel like you're pretty darn awesome. Her taking my food advice, me knowing what food she likes...we've entered a level of intimacy that I don't even get to with some of my acquaintances. Haha. Per chance that you read this, Christina, please don't think I'm a creep. :D 


if you really want something...

it's never too late to go for it!

화이팅, my friends, 화이팅.


#1 Question

Where does your heart lie today?


The Guitars Are Bigger Than Their Bodies

This video was brought to my attention by my friend Vu
Never again can I complain about how my fingers are too short to play the guitar.


My Travel Bunny

One of the most inspirational people in my life is this here travel bunny, Audrey!

she rocks

She truly goes after her dreams with no fear at a rate of 200 mph -- all the while remembering her roots and taking care of others with deep compassion. This girl is a true trailblazer and I'm a fan. So excited that she started a website where she shares her passion of exploring the world. 

You can find her website here.


Illy Coffe & Meeting Trina Turk

If coffee tasted this good all the time, I could be a coffee drinker.

I now know what people mean when they say their coffee is so smoooooth.

(P.S. First time blogging away from computer. Typing this at JW Marriott, LA Live. I'm super early for a women's leadership luncheon. So excited to see/meet Trina Turk.)


One of the perks of being early to events is that the folks who would usually be extremely occupied (i.e. VIPs,  organizers, execs etc.) during an event are usually more free to talk.

Exhibit A:

Trina Turk was just wandering around the reception room looking at the decor and so I introduced myself. She was super nice!

Also, the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) 25th Anniversary Luncheon was so inspirational! The room was FILLED with driven, compassionate, successful women. I was impressed and I can't wait to go to another NAWBO function.



I met my supposed doppelganger for the second time yesterday. Except unlike my first time meeting her, I got to actually talk to her longer than just, "Hi, I'm Yulree." I found out where she lives! Creepy, much? :D Sounds creepier than it sounds.

yft aint this pretty
Yep, that's Tamlyn Tomita circa Karate Kid 2. I've been approached over 20 times with, "Heyyyyy, you look like that girl from Karate Kid 2." Firstly, how many people have even watched Karate Kid 2?! Secondly, no, I don't think so. 

I think I'll have a Karate Kid 2 movie night. Maybe I'll invite Tamlyn. Maybe she'll come. And maybe we'll have a face-off. 

All my worlds are coming together!

Last night, I was at USC, my alma mater, to represent APEX at a student leadership seminar hosted by LEAP, where I once worked, and talked to the APASS assistant director, who used to be my roommate, browsed the program booklet that had my coworkers' names on it because our client sponsored the event, ran into my old coworker, who is now part of the NAAAP team, chatted with all the folks from PbP, the organization I recently rejoined, all the while grubbing on The Park's Finest, of which I know the owner.

All my worlds are coming togeza. Maybe I've lived in Los Angeles way too long.

ALSO. I finally walked into the new (it's still new to me!!) Sample building. OH MY GOSH DARN EFFING WHY didn't we have this while I was a student?! The Living Room was absolutely gorgeous and super classy. I think one of the couches costs more than my bed + desk + bookshelf combined. I'd like to think my tuition dollars paid for a couple of them. They should slap my name on one of those chairs or maybe on one of the slabs of marble that adorn the hallways.

my friend said we are spoiled. i had no response.


To My Brother!

Dear Jay, 

To the outside world we all grow old.  But not to brothers and sisters.  We know each other as we always were.  We know each other's hearts.  We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.  We live outside the touch of time.  ~Clara Ortega

No matter what, I am always your little sister. Happy Birthday, Jay. 


P.S. I never bothered to tell you this (or anyone for the matter) but this blog is mainly for you. It's for you to know that your little sister is doing well. :)
it's a problem when i don't even have enough time on my "free time" to finish blogging. hehe.