I've had so much yft the past couple weeks!

One yulree-fun-time included hiking. With DEER! :)

Another yft included 250+ of these bad boys:

And another included tree climbing, reading, bacon-wrapped everythings, and snowmen massacres. Which I don't have pictures of.

But I do have a picture from a different, but maybe even an awesomer YFT at this cool place..where there were books and beer:

yft @ Fedora Bar.

And my fav. yft with my growing edible patio garden (this is one of my many many pots). Please grow faster, I'm hungry.



pictures i picked up from the internet

i break my hiatus once again to present to you my family:

these are our children

who i made with him

on top of our vespa.

hehe. i kid.



interrupting this hiatus with quick update...

i passed by my mirror this morning while performing (for myself) my visual intepretation of weird fishes (radiohead). i am currently wearing a light brown sweater with striped pink&yellow boxer shorts and black socks. dunno how that happened. hahaha, i crack myself up. living alone rocks.

i can't wait to be that crazy grandma who dances and skips down the street with her grandchildren.

oh, and i forgot how good a pb&j sandwich is. especially when you don't feel like cooking.

moral of the story: enjoy life, laugh at yourself, make yourself a pb&j sandwich and listen to more music. it works wonders on a lazy sunday morning.



Putting this blog on hiatus.Wei shen me?

I think putting my energy/time into this blog takes away from my Writers Workshop effort. As well as my personal journal.

I have a blog project with my TNP family and need to start working on it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just wait a couple weeks and you shall see. And you shall understand. ahhhhhhhh.

My blog is titled YFT. Yulree. Fun. Time. Well, my friends, I am going into super YBT mode. Yulree. Business Time.

I'll be back.

Sidenote: I saw a recent picture of my mom today. She is getting old. =\


I'm not a big fan of rain. I can't do most of the things I usually like to do under the sun.
Hiking, reading, beaching, wandering the streets of LA...

One thing I do really cherish about rain is the first smell of rain. The fresh, sweet scent.
The smell brings back vivid memories of rain in Arizona.
You see, in Arizona, you can smell the rain before the rain actually comes. That sweet sweet scent of rain. It's like smelling a deep, delicious stew or a buttery fresh baked pie even before seeing it. Anticipating it and just being enveloped in the smell...sometimes it's even better than actually eating it. Mmmmm.

There is something so innately right about the smell of rain. Something so naturally comforting, invigorating, rejuvenating.
There's no other smell like it in the world.


it's like she can see the world through my eyes

this cute, fierce lady is one of the most creative, talented artists i have ever met.
and she creates things that really....that really speaks to the child in me. no, scratch that. she creates things that perfectly speaks to ME. b/c really, i still am a kid at heart.
ice cream and cookies!
interesting looking people!
little kids!
and i thought those were enough to melt my heart (especially the facial/body expressions of her kids) but then she recently started drawing a lot of trees. trees! trees have always had a special place in my heart. me and trees go way the days of modesto.

modesto. i still remember this place. in my mind and heart, modesto is my heaven on earth. i think it has a lot to do with how much i loved childhood, and most of my childhood was spent in modesto. 

in this heaven...
...all our neighbors were our friends
...i spent every day outdoors possum and mrs. duck would frequently visit our backyard to play with missus rabbit, our many dogs, and our family of chickens
...i had time to build fortresses and imaginary ancient cilivations
...tree climbing was a frequent endeavor. trees, here, there and everywhere!!
...there was a peach grove right behind our house, where we can pick our own peaches and eat it right then and there (still the best tasting peaches i've ever had), dad, my brother and i would have dinner together every night

so much of her artwork depicts the way i see/love life. *sigh*