So they say // Rawness

They say the two most important times of your life is:
1. When you are born
2. When you figure out why you were born

Hm. Gonna add to that. Living out the "why" part should be included as the top three most important times of your life.


In other news. I am approaching 30. This one word, two syllables, this number...has got my mind racing in knotted circles. I know, yes, it is whatever we want it to be. It is just a word. A number. A label. But I can't help it from prompting thoughts of my own humanity. My past, my future and their crossroad, the present. It's become a rabbit-hole of thoughts - a journey into my own heart and psyche.

Are you ready to jump in with me? Let's go.
30 makes me think of what I've done so far, the choices I've made and who I've become, which then leads me to thoughts on my accomplishments, and then I wonder how one measures the success of these accomplishments - is it measured by how much of a positive impact I've made in people's lives around me? And how am I to know that? Send out a survey? Lol. Who sends out a survey? Why do I need to measure anyway? If I'm happy and the people around me are happy now, isn't that all that matters? Where do I want to go from here? What does the better version of myself look like, think like? When did my thoughts all become questions? What are my answers?

Okay, I'm exhausted. And I haven't even scratched the surface. Welcome to a glimpse into what usually goes straight from brain to pen (journals). I normally like to sort out my thoughts a bit more before I bring it here. Eh, here's to rawness!

Here's to 30. 30! I'm so ready for you. I will freakin' rock 30. Until then, you're pretty awesome, 29.