It's interesting - at any age you can find people who think they know so much or that their way is right; and thus think they are better than others. Grow up.


Notes to Self - Bay Edition

I used to own these squares. Not so much at the dodgeball circle though.
(Stockard Coffee Elementary School)

I like to write notes to myself during different states of consciousness. While falling asleep, waking up, hungry, insanely full, high on music, calm, burdened, happy, contemplative, in love, out of love, in front of love...and so on. I find pieces of paper in between folders, crumpled up in the bottom of my purses, in my drawers, hidden amongst my dollar bills in my wallet. Every time I find a piece, I instantly feel like I found candy in my pocket. Or maybe a benjamin. It depends on how much I like what I wrote, I suppose. :)

These are just a few notes I took during my weekend trip to SF:

*Every ligament of my body is a string to an instrument. My entirety is a symphonic orchestra to the music.

*Cheese & crackers will always make me feel youthful and fanciful at the same time.

*I've decided. I need to live in Tulum (Mexico) during winter, Brooklyn in the spring, LA in the summer and SF during fall(1). Yes.

*...but this music, this music right here, paints a moving breathing scene where you are much a part of as any other image in the scene. It paints the story and leaves you just enough for you to make it your own.  (about Explosions in the Sky)

*Sunset; we synchronized our last breaths to each other as she said goodbye to me; her, ready to say hello to the other side of the world

*#1: peaches&nectarines
#2: tied between persimmons and watermelon
#3: cherries
Close runner-ups: seedless grapes, mangosteen (these would be in my top 3 if easily attainable!), mangoes

*Dreamlining(2) is fun.

*I'm thankful for ice cream(3). Especially the creamy ones that linger on your tongue. And the tangy fruity sorbets that make you feel like your mouth just went on vacation to the tropics.

*It proves that my thoughts about this place were not just dreams. They really happened. Dreams and reality happened here. (My visit back to my childhood(4)).

*I love the smell of Modesto.

(1) When I discovered that SF is perfect in late fall (no fog, mid-60 degree weather, colorful trees, warm sun), I felt as though I joined a secret club. Did everyone know this fact already?? Now I'm gonna plan all my SF trips around the fall season.
(2) Dreamlining = Making a timeline for your dreams
(3) If you find yourself in the Bay Area, enjoy yourself a scoop (or three!) of Ici! Their honey-sage walnut and their early grey ice cream are keepers
(4) Up until this weekend, I have not visited any of the places I've lived in in the past. I finally visited my childhood home of Modesto, California. I hadn't been back in 14 years. People think I joke around when I say this, but Modesto was and still is a magical place to me. It represents the child in me - the "always excited about life and thirsty for adventure" child in me. My visit was quite emotional to say the least. Emotional in the sense of me jumping up and down yelling, "OMG. THIS IS IT!!! IT'S REAL!!!!!!!" :) I've written about my memories of Modesto several times in the past. Think I'll repost some of them in the next few days along with some photos I took on my trip.


A poem for a retarded cousin

Distractions didn't work anymore.The events at pretty places with pretty people over pretty plates of food. The exciting, fast-paced glitzkrieg nights of the city. The serene paces through the calmed grass at her favorite park. It all stopped working. And she couldn't deny it any longer. She hurried her steps to the front gate of her house. She knew it was coming. She felt the dam that held her pretty self together started cracking as soon as she drove into the driveway, now hidden from the rest of the world. The pain pressurized exponentially with each step and her heartbeat synchronized with the spazzed out flickering of her patio light . She was going to make it.

Impatiently, she forcefully jammed her key into her front door and turned the knob. It wouldn't open. It was the wrong key. "Dammit" she mustered. Her eyes blurred as she tried to find the right key. Fumbling with her keychain, she paused to look up to the black sky, trying to get the sting out of her eyes. As the first tear hit her chin, the dam collapsed, flooding her face, releasing all the pain inside her, down to the concrete steps of her front porch. The pain that kept her back straight, the pain that kept her hair in place, it all broke loose, fleeing her organs, her veins, leaving her crumpled on the floor. 



Life is boring without challenges.

In other news: Wookies really do exist! :)

Chewbacca's lil baby


Much Enjoyed YFT

A peek into some weekend YFT...

{When Will I See You Again}
Enjoyed the beach for one last time before Los Angeles welcomes winter. It was like going to Disneyland when there are no lines. Had the beach allllll to ourselves. :)

{Date with Tim Ferris}
Spent a couple hours at the Korean spa. Got nicely scrubbed down by an ahjumah and and then relaxed in the common room with Tim Ferris, some hard boiled eggs and corn tea. 

{Hello, Again}
Saw the beach once more, from high above. Went hiking at Point Mugu in Ventura. Perhaps the last hike of 2010. 

Ate the colors of the fall.



I woke up at 7am this morning, singing and dancing this. I am so high on life right now. High like a G6. :D

I WON AT LIFE YESTERDAY. Made me realize that I can be pretty darn awesome. hehe

P.S. Today is my I-can-be-as-super-confident-as-I-want day. :)
PS2 Thank you to all those who emailed me, texted me, was there on the day to witness it -- your reassurances and encouragement helped so so much. Love you all.



I keep talking about this day, November 5th. It's a big day for me, folks, so bear with my redundancy and the lack of substantive posts.

This day, this November 5th, this day of final judgement (work-wise) has been on my mind 24-7 for the past several weeks. But you know what other thought has dogmatically stood alongside this November 5th date? The thoughts of celebrating this November 5th date!!!

As in, "What am I going to do to celebrate the finalization of November 5th?!! Oh, what am I going to dooooooo??"

So far I have had these in plan:
-hike with friends near the beach
-sleep forever
-spend a day at a Korean spa with Anthony Bourdain and Tim Ferris
-get dined by hot boys and girls
-roadtrip to San Francisco to escape this weird summerfall Los Angeles weather

And then!! While I was looking through my favorite blogs tonight (it's a fine destresser for me), I found this!!!

It's BACON cashew CARAMEL popcorn!!!

I'm going to make myself a huge truckload of this Saturday morning. Yesssssss. I love celebrations. Especially ones that involve bacon.




Groovin' to the Shark

Grooveshark, guys, is my best friend at work. 

Totally nerding it out right now, Disney style...listen!


Past Life

I have dreams about living in this era. The music, the fashion, the voices, the swagger, the laughs, the charm.

a special night at The Edison 2008

my favorite song of all time

The Good Life

Work is tough but life is just too darn beautiful to be sitting around being stressed and dissatisfied. Will be quite busy until the end of this week so you'll be seeing more photos and less writing for the next couple of days.

the good life
halloween 2010