June is a jam-packed travel month for me. I really should get a camera soon. As egotistical as it may first sound, the life I get to live has an abundance of beautiful and interesting moments that I would love to capture on film. If you think about it, having beautiful and interesting moments is normal - everyone has them. And I, the bipolar lover-hater of technology, is leaning more towards love today. Because it's pretty rad that technology has facilitated the sharing of these moments with one another. Through blogs, through fb albums, through affordable cameras...

So I really should get a camera. Not having a camera, however, has inadvertently pushed me to write about the things I experience. Draw pictures with words. I would draw actual pictures if I could. But since I don't have the drawing gene, I write. And I've gotten into the habit of carrying a journal and pen with me everywhere. I wonder if this would change once I get a camera.

Notes for me.

    Stories I need to finish:
    -A Tea Drinking World
    -Future is Now: Engagements
    -Hobo college
    -Taverns Make the World Go Round
    -Tiny Skyscrapers
    -Ferris Wheels and Bars
    -Chicagua, The Land of the Stinking Onions
    -Luxury to be Alone

     -My experience with drinking at noon
     -Work kills me and feeds me
     -Cedar Restaurant
     -Bland concrete
     -Room of Lists
     -Inside Jokes

San Francisco
     -Trying vs. Being
     -Dirty Room
     -Tea shop