TOTD 1: Events, Ken & Twitter

Tidbits of the day:

-Boss told me client wants to duplicate an event I did earlier this New York, Hong Kong and perhaps Vietnam?! WHAT! Heck to the Yeah.

-Was informed that Ken Watanabe's restaurant of choice in L.A. is Torafuku. Torafuku, btw, is delicious.

-4 Rooms is now one of the weirdest shizz I've ever watched.

-Learned that twitter is actually pretty entertaining/useful

-Realized that I haven't really checked my email for apprx 2 days. Kinda scared to open now - it's become my pandora's box.


Yoga, Unpause!

Yoga was on pause for the past couple months, regrettably, due to work, travel, running injuries, colds and distractions I am not proud of.

Only recently did I get back into the vinyasa groove. DJ Bedhead helped me find a charming new yoga studio on Sunset just less than 10 minutes (drive) from home. I should really start running to the studio, but the classes I've been going to are at 6:55 in the morning...and do you know how effin' cold and dark it is lately at 6:55 in the morning? It's already a miracle that I wake up that early. One miracle at a time.

I have to say, it feels immensely liberating and gratifying getting back into yoga. Liberating because it gives my mind a break from distractions. Gratifying because my body feels so damn good after some deep stretching and breathing. 

It's a wonder why I ever put yoga on hold. It makes life so much sweeter.


Tentative Itinerary

India- tech purge. sugar purge. distraction purge. yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga

Japan- ramen. donkatsu. sake. sushi. sushi. sushi. kaiseki. yakiniku. shabu shabu. yakitori.



So. This shaving my head thing. No matter how much I hype it up, I think it'll still be freakin' heart-thumping, jaw-droppingly climatic the day I shave it. I am going to freak. My new hairdresser is going to freak. My friends are going to freak. My MOM is going to freak.

Funny thing, my hair is actually starting to look quite nice. It was in this awkward phase for a while due to an unfortunate haircut by a layer-happy hairdresser in ktown last year. At its worst, my hair was unhealthy, dull, tangley and highly prone to dandruff. In other words, my hair effin' sucked and the top bun became my new best friend. It was only after I decided to shave my head did I start taking care of it. Cuz if I were to cut of off my hair in its current condition then, no one would ever accept my hair as a donation, even if it was a donation. So sad.

I can really see the difference in taking care of my hair! I laugh at myself for not taking care of my hair sooner.  I've been using organic Whole Foods products, leave-in conditioner, root fortifiers...the whole gamut. And now, I'm really digging my hair. I'm totally gonna show it off - with hair flings, head bangs, all of it. Look at my gorgeous hair, world! It won't be here for long.

Soon, it'll be bye bye hair. I hope someone will get some really good use out of it. 


What's Up

DJ Bedhead bakes cookies and brews tea. Oh, he knows. He knows what's up.


Hammer Toes & Small Achievements

My foot throbs like the thunderous heart of a love-sick giant. I now am fully aware of the importance of training. These past two days of pain was worth it though. When I limp around and people ask what happened, I proudly answer, "It's from running a race." No humbleness here. "I received my battle wound in an epic war against time and pavement and lived to tell the tale! I win, you mothereffers!"

Nah, to be honest. I'm not proud. I'm glad I finished the race in an acceptable amount of time, but I also feel foolish for not training -- I know I could've seriously injured myself for not prepping properly.I look forward to training now that I've experienced first-hand the hellish pain that one faces without it. I'd like to avoid any future puking and ugly hammer toes, thank you.The pain only makes me want to train better, train more.

I'm hooked on races now. No turning back. The camaraderie, the health food swag (except for gu - gross), the satisfaction of crossing the finish line, the fascinating feeling of pushing the body and mind more than one ever thought one could. It's pretty awesome. Funny where life takes you. This time last year, I was a total hater towards running.


I wrote this following post on 2/2/11. Not sure why I left it in my draft box. But man, do the words, "Remember, the biggest successes in life don't just come out of nowhere. They're an accumulation of all the smaller achievements (and failures)," ring ever so true.

It's important to celebrate even the smallest of achievements.

I don't remember the last time I went running. I remember the last several failed attempts though - at Santa Monica, at Venice beach, at the park, in the gym.... I honestly believe I've never exceeded more than one mile in one run before. Maybe while playing soccer, but that's different. You have goals, a ball and a mission to kick ass. Running? You just have running.
hate running. It's insanely boring, it makes my fat jiggle and I always always end up cramping up. I can probably come up with a couple more reasons if I stopped to think about it. But running isn't something I'd like to think about too much.
Well, can you guess what happened just a couple days ago?! I RAN three miles. Without stopping. No hesitation. Kept shuffling, hustling and puffing away for THREE whole miles. It was surreal. I felt like He-man. Charging through air molecules as though they were a bundle of trees, ready for battle. Oh, and guess what? The three-mile run happened right after I had just hiked for three miles. Oh snap.
I haven't felt this physically accomplished since The Wildcats AKA Too Hot To Handle, my 1994 soccer team (we wore hot pink shirts and sung the The Pink Panther theme song whenever we scored a goal), won the all-girls championships. 
Achieving this accomplishment, though deemed small, really fed the "I can do anything if I put my mind to it" fire. Let it burrrrrrn.

Remember, the biggest successes in life don't just come out of nowhere. They're an accumulation of all the smaller achievements (and failures). 


That's the best part

While checking off action items off of my to do list, I realized no matter how much I prepare, I can never be fully prepared. That's the best part about it. Not ever knowing what's really going to happen.

All I know is that I'm in for some wild change. No technology, no to do lists (maybe), no millions of things to do in one day, no hair, no distractions. Pretty sure it's going to stir up a whirlwind inside this little ol' me. I'm not even there yet and it already is. Yippeekaiyay.

YFT, bitches.


P.S. Love you guys who have been helping/nudging/pushing/iron fisting* me to get closer to D-Day.

*get your mind out of the gutter

Cray Cray

Pay deposit

Buy flight ticket

Speak to parents

Email coworker in India

Sew a yoga bag (got one at a bookstore with a giftcard)

Get shots

Shave head

Buy a wig


Get large suitcase from AZ


Decided to start documenting my progress/process of...what should I name it...change.