Diary of a Shaved-Headed Woman

I shaved my head yesterday. Actually, I didn't shave my head. My friends did.
I did get to shave the boyfriend's head, which was fun and therapeutic. But back to my head. It's soft and fuzzy. Finding out that I've always had fuzzy hair underneath my long waves and tangles makes me feel fuzzy inside.

So how was the whole experience? I dunno. It didn't feel as crazy as when I shaved a third of it two weeks before. When I did that, I went through a roller-coaster of thoughts and feelings. This time around, it was just liberating. And fun!

When I got a third shaved, Cassie-style. Or as my friends like to say, Yullrex/Skillree-style. 

It took a lot longer to shave my head than I thought it would... about 35 minutes. Not including the trimming part. I guess I had a lot of hair! It was a good thing we watched Madonna's performance first (btw, Minaj+MIA= Mindplosion. They really should collaborate). As I was sitting on the stool in the middle of my friend's new apartment (happy house warming, btw!), I didn't really feel all that anxious. I just couldn't wait to see it in the mirror! And when I did, I thought, "Whoa! It doesn't look as weird as I thought it would." I guess in the back of my mind I had thought I would look different. Like a different person. A boy. Or a crazed lunatic. But I looked like me. I know this will sound strange, but when I looked at the reflection in the mirror, I thought, "Hey! I look more like me than ever before. You can see my ENTIRE face, ENTIRE head, EVERYTHING!"

Day 2: Time to bust out all my long earrings!

Like I said, liberating.

Downsides? None yet. Showering was mad fun. My hair felt fuzzy even when wet. Haha. Getting out of the shower was really fun, too. I was like, "Wait, why am I wrapping this towel around my head? I don't need to!!! FREEEEEEDOM."

The only part that's been uncomfortable so far is when I went to bed last night. Laying my head on my pillow is a little uncomfortable - I describe the feeling of my head hitting the pillow as "crunchy." That's the ONLY "eh" part. I'm having a blast with my fuzzy fuzzy head.

Before I go, I did want to thank my friends for being so supportive and shaving my head! Special thanks to my bf for going through it ALL (pre-jitters, post-excitement, shaving his own head in support). He even helped me pick my outfit this morning for work. It felt like the first day of school. :D


jeanniep said...

You're so beautiful, courageous, and ambitious. I love that you're not a stagnant dreamer. So inspirational! <3

yft said...

It sounds like you're describing yourself! :D I'm looking forward to BOTH of our upcoming adventures!

Natty said...

I never saw you in real life with hair, but without - you look bad ass!! ( Its Natalie btw from India ) I wana see all the stages of you hair missy. Keep it real biaaatch. x