Travel Essentials

My essentials for cold weather travel. 
Below is what I carried around in my purse every day in Korea back in November/early December. 

1. Xylitol, the most popular gum in Korea. Tastes yummy.
2. Colgate wisps, the best thing to happen for our teeth since dental floss. Really useful for invisalign wearers, garlic eaters, campers and burners. :)
3. Leather wallet from Korea with a matching lanyard. Fantastic for purse haters and/or concert lovers.
4. Metro card that works on the subway, buses and even most taxis.
5. Hand lotion. Saves me during the cold, harsh weather. 
6. Scheduler/notebook + pencil for writing down plans, dreams, memories and silly thoughts.
7. Hand sanitizer. 
8. Hair velcro thing to keep hair out of your face (used when washing face or applying lotion).
 9. I love tea. I especially love having in airplanes/airports. All you need is hot water. 
10. Passport case + peach lip balm. Best smelling lip balm ever, although not very moisturizing.
11. Suede gloves I got during my first NY winter trip years ago. I hope they last me several more cold weather trips.
**not pictured: scarf. I ALWAYS carry a scarf, even in hot weather (just lighter ones) because you never know when you need a: makeshift bag, makeshift shawl, makeshift skirt, something to sit on, something to keep you warm, something to cover you from the sun, magic**

What I carry in my pockets if I don't feel like carrying a purse.