YFT In Flash Mob Video - Spot Me If You Can!

Finally found the footage from the flash mob I participated in back in June.

If you find me, you can see how I kinda messed up in the beginning. I got too excited and forgot the moves. I'm wearing loose green cargo pants toward the back. Spot me if you can!


Been going through quite a lot lately - professionally, personally, internally, externally, all the allys. Some good and some bad but even the bads ends up being goods.

So what's new? 

1) Been getting closer with family

2) Started a new blog that I'm pretty excited about. It's a bit of a challenge to focus on one topic as I'm usually all over the place. I'm glad though. The restriction actually forces me to be more creative. I'm still going to keep writing here though about non-cookie related things.

3) I am in the planning stages of something quite wonderful. It's in the beginning stages of being finalized. It's halfway to being set in stone.I don't want to reveal it just yet for fear of jinxing it. For now, I can give you a hint.

4) I've been biking a lot more nowadays. Whenever I have dinner plans/meetings close to home, I leave my car and bike it!


overload, for sure



In other news:
1. This would be a bus I'd like to ride.
2. He is my sole provider of audio treats these days. Discovered him through the Ratatouille soundtrack...have been a fan ever since!


Momma Chun pt.2

She just keeps getting cooler and cooler.



You really do get what you put in. 
yelle @ musicbox
If you radiate positive energy -- trust me -- you will surely attract positive energy.