Welcome to Adulthood

uh oh spaghetti o's

As I was walking down Santa Monica Blvd during my lunch hour, I saw my reflection on one of the glossy storefronts....and I did not like what I saw.

What I saw was ME holding a can of diet coke. 

Whoa, how'd that happen. 

I grew up not drinking soft drinks. So naturally, I didn't acquire a taste (or feel?) for the harshly carbonated, overly sugary substance. I especially hated the taste of fake sugar. The only soft drink I really remember liking as a kid was Dr. Pepper/Rootbeer that was decarbonated (left out for a day or two). 

So why was I holding a can of diet coke today?

It's like the nicotine patch effect.

The past two weeks, I had used coffee and diet coke to ween myself off from my really bad chocolate habit. (How bad was this habit? It was more like an addiction, actually. I was eating about 10 pieces of chocolate a day. 5 would be usually be consumed before 10am. The tipping point was when I finished off a box of See's chocolates in one day). 

The diet coke and coffee definitely worked. I crave chocolate no more! (<-- just said this out loud, with a booming epic battle voice. think Maximus Decimus Meridius). I even gave away my whole chocolate stash!

BUT what weened me off from one addiction has in turn become my newest addiction. The weener has become the weenee. 

Well, now that I'm aware of it, I must revert back to my clean, plain tea drinking days. I just really hope I don't fall back into gorging on chocolate.


Sidenote: I mentioned my new addiction to my coworker and she snarkishly replied, "Welcome to adulthood." 
Is this what it's like being an adult? Coffee, diet coke and long work hours? 
YFT does not approve.

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller


Sometimes, the 5 year old in me wants to

via the genius mind of Geoff Mcfetridge

for my writing friends: A Short Story Contest!
i know a couple of you who could win. hands down. skirts up.



Being denied my vacation, the dionysus in me has been kicking and screaming to get out and play.

So this past week, I've been:
cooking & dining out more
truffle shavings on top of butter poached lobster? heck yes.

shopping more
mostly spring/summer dresses (spring, please come soon) 
i wish these were my real shopping bags - i found this photo online

planning more mini trips 
april/may is going to be packed!
possible girls only palm springs weekender, 
Arizona easter w/ fambam,
New Orleans Jazz Fest w/ the craziest kids in town
SF Bay to Breakers w/ the rainbow crew

I don't want to jinx it (knock on wood) but I'm so insanely excited!!
The live performance I've been waiting for
For years
She comes to LA like once/twice a year 
and I've missed all her performances the past several years
Due to unfortunate timing


She's coming to LA.
And I'm going!
Got my ticket, y'all.
May 21st. May 21st. May 21st.

More Yelle Here



Today was going to be the first day of my vacation. Right now, I was supposed to be done packing and heading to the airport for a flight to Japan. Once I got to Japan, I was supposed to call my best friends from HS and have a really awesome meal while filling each other in on all the important moments and details of our lives and reminiscing of the times we had in Thailand. Within the next couple of days, I was going to: 1) follow the footsteps of many super foodies and visit the Tsukiji Fish Market, 2) do some fun people watching in Shibuya/Shinjuku, 3) spend several glorious hours at Studio Ghibli, 4) sleep in a capsule, 5) have a lovely picnic surrounded by cherry blossoms, 6) eat eat eat in Osaka, 7) take a picture with the clown, 8) spa it up old school style in Kyoto and 9) build memories that will forever bind my heart with Japan and my fellow travelers.

It doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. My prayers go out to Japan and for those who have lost their houses, their friends and their loved ones. 

Huge, long drawn out bear hugs to Maki & Akiko. I promise to see you soon.

I love that there are so many different ways people have been providing support to Japan. Last night, I took a moment to step back and observe all the folks at the CAPE Japan Fundraiser. Children, adults, musicians, young professionals, corporate sponsors, media, professional dancers, comedians, restaurant owners, caterers, actors, photographers, students, volunteers -- all supporting in their own way, whether it's through their food, their time, their money or their contacts...such a beautiful sight to see.

I was very lucky to be able to work on this PSA. On the day of this shoot, there was this silent, underlying understanding of why we were all there, doing what we were doing. The energy was calm, strong and very focused. I remember Tamilyn Tomita and Harry Shum Jr. both saying (paraphrased) that during these times, we find encouragement in realizing that we are all the same, that we're all in this together.

If you have not done so already, please support. In any way you can.


Sweetest Video You Ever Did See

always a beautiful moment reuniting with your loved ones


Back to Basics

I had a mini breakthrough yesterday.

My mind decided to cut me a break and threw me a nice delicious bone. After weeks of feeling restless and not understanding where the restlessness came from, I finally came to the super refreshing realization that I am addicted to the feeling of growing. Notice I included "the feeling of." For a while, I thought I was addicted to growing, which I am, but I also couldn't figure out why that would bother me the way it did. I found that it's not the growing part that's the problem. Ah ha! It's my perception of it.

I'm pretty darn sure that the reason why I hop from one challenge to another I just jump onto large mountains of challenges, and why I keep piling them on, is because somewhere in my brain that calculates all the reasoning dwells a little yulree robot mechanically chanting, "more equals growth, more equals growth." How scary is that.

I had forgotten, amidst my hectic life, with challenges bursting out at the seams, some of the very fundamentals of growth.

-doesn't always have to show overnight
-sometimes takes repetition
-can't happen if there are too many elements involved
-takes time
-includes some breaks and nap times

everything i realized portrayed in one drawing

Glad the fog has settled and I could SEE again. What a beautiful reminder. Is it just me or do most answers and life lessons come from trees? :)

On another note:

1) I started drinking coffee. Surprisingly, good news bears. Usually, caffeine and I don't mix, but it's been good to me the past two days. Is it strange to say that it may have alleviated my cold? It's also curbed my craving for chocolate. Replacing one vice with another. Boy, I am sure going places.

2) Guess who got to do some serving last night? Me! And guess who got to serve Christina Hendricks? Me! The restaurant that I'm interning at was short staffed and needed help so I put on my serving shoes and jumped right in. There's something about getting compliments from a famous person -- a gorgeous and pleasant famous person at that -- that just makes you feel like you're pretty darn awesome. Her taking my food advice, me knowing what food she likes...we've entered a level of intimacy that I don't even get to with some of my acquaintances. Haha. Per chance that you read this, Christina, please don't think I'm a creep. :D 


if you really want something...

it's never too late to go for it!

화이팅, my friends, 화이팅.


#1 Question

Where does your heart lie today?


The Guitars Are Bigger Than Their Bodies

This video was brought to my attention by my friend Vu
Never again can I complain about how my fingers are too short to play the guitar.


My Travel Bunny

One of the most inspirational people in my life is this here travel bunny, Audrey!

she rocks

She truly goes after her dreams with no fear at a rate of 200 mph -- all the while remembering her roots and taking care of others with deep compassion. This girl is a true trailblazer and I'm a fan. So excited that she started a website where she shares her passion of exploring the world. 

You can find her website here.


Illy Coffe & Meeting Trina Turk

If coffee tasted this good all the time, I could be a coffee drinker.

I now know what people mean when they say their coffee is so smoooooth.

(P.S. First time blogging away from computer. Typing this at JW Marriott, LA Live. I'm super early for a women's leadership luncheon. So excited to see/meet Trina Turk.)


One of the perks of being early to events is that the folks who would usually be extremely occupied (i.e. VIPs,  organizers, execs etc.) during an event are usually more free to talk.

Exhibit A:

Trina Turk was just wandering around the reception room looking at the decor and so I introduced myself. She was super nice!

Also, the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) 25th Anniversary Luncheon was so inspirational! The room was FILLED with driven, compassionate, successful women. I was impressed and I can't wait to go to another NAWBO function.



I met my supposed doppelganger for the second time yesterday. Except unlike my first time meeting her, I got to actually talk to her longer than just, "Hi, I'm Yulree." I found out where she lives! Creepy, much? :D Sounds creepier than it sounds.

yft aint this pretty
Yep, that's Tamlyn Tomita circa Karate Kid 2. I've been approached over 20 times with, "Heyyyyy, you look like that girl from Karate Kid 2." Firstly, how many people have even watched Karate Kid 2?! Secondly, no, I don't think so. 

I think I'll have a Karate Kid 2 movie night. Maybe I'll invite Tamlyn. Maybe she'll come. And maybe we'll have a face-off. 

All my worlds are coming together!

Last night, I was at USC, my alma mater, to represent APEX at a student leadership seminar hosted by LEAP, where I once worked, and talked to the APASS assistant director, who used to be my roommate, browsed the program booklet that had my coworkers' names on it because our client sponsored the event, ran into my old coworker, who is now part of the NAAAP team, chatted with all the folks from PbP, the organization I recently rejoined, all the while grubbing on The Park's Finest, of which I know the owner.

All my worlds are coming togeza. Maybe I've lived in Los Angeles way too long.

ALSO. I finally walked into the new (it's still new to me!!) Sample building. OH MY GOSH DARN EFFING WHY didn't we have this while I was a student?! The Living Room was absolutely gorgeous and super classy. I think one of the couches costs more than my bed + desk + bookshelf combined. I'd like to think my tuition dollars paid for a couple of them. They should slap my name on one of those chairs or maybe on one of the slabs of marble that adorn the hallways.

my friend said we are spoiled. i had no response.


To My Brother!

Dear Jay, 

To the outside world we all grow old.  But not to brothers and sisters.  We know each other as we always were.  We know each other's hearts.  We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.  We live outside the touch of time.  ~Clara Ortega

No matter what, I am always your little sister. Happy Birthday, Jay. 


P.S. I never bothered to tell you this (or anyone for the matter) but this blog is mainly for you. It's for you to know that your little sister is doing well. :)
it's a problem when i don't even have enough time on my "free time" to finish blogging. hehe.