Reality Check

From my 2010 journal...

Realty is. That life is wonderful. That it is full of possibilities and it is full of Yeses. That there is enough love for everyone. That if you can’t find love around you, you can always create love from scratch, from inside of you. Same goes from compassion and faith. Reality is that fresh-baked cookies taste damn good. And being embraced while eating a fresh-baked cookie is even better. Yeah, that’s reality. And it’s undeniable.


YFT in Korea

Dear Santa,

I would like Adobe Photoshop, please.

Much love,


In other news....

I'm in Korea!

In Yong-In, to be exact. My aunt and uncle moved here from Seoul a little over a year ago. 3 days into my trip here, I prefer their old Seoul apartment much much more. I can see why they moved here though. It's like their version of Orange County (blech). There are more people in cars than on the streets, and the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses phenomenon is alive and well. My aunt wants to get a Harley (yes, a Korean ahjumah in her late 40s/early 50s wants a Harley) because all the neighbors are getting one.

Look at them gorgeous colors on those trees.

The plus side to surburbia, though, is that my aunt and uncle have a backyard. A beautiful one at that. Backyards are a rare treat in Korea as land is insanely scarce. It's quite swanky. With a koi pond and everything. It's great for my yoga practice. Woo!

How do you like my purdy ahjumah backyard slippers? I'm also sporting my yoga pants.  So cool.

This is the view from my room...does not feel like Korea. I'm learning I don't like surburbia even in other countries.

I must say, I was not expecting so much serenity here in Korea. I'm sorta itching for some of that Seoul shoulder-to-shoulder bustle. Soon!