adventures of yft

So one of the awesome things I've been working on is a food product slash catering company with my dear friend, Tsz. Armed with cooking tools and appliances, we're gonna take over the world in our lovely sun dresses.

Here's a look into what we're concocting this weekend for some of our clients. I had so much fun with this!


Dish 1
Comforting I Am
Made with a lovely chuck roast
Simmered for hours

Dish 2
Chicken and biscuits
Lovingly go hand in hand
Well curried and baked

Dish 3
Flavors of Thailand
Infuse this fish and this green
Dancing in your mouth

Dessert 1
Refreshing as the
Cold air of the mountain peak
Choco mint brownies

Dessert 2
It's Christmas in May
It's jolly joy in your mouth
Eating reindeer nuts

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