I keep talking about this day, November 5th. It's a big day for me, folks, so bear with my redundancy and the lack of substantive posts.

This day, this November 5th, this day of final judgement (work-wise) has been on my mind 24-7 for the past several weeks. But you know what other thought has dogmatically stood alongside this November 5th date? The thoughts of celebrating this November 5th date!!!

As in, "What am I going to do to celebrate the finalization of November 5th?!! Oh, what am I going to dooooooo??"

So far I have had these in plan:
-hike with friends near the beach
-sleep forever
-spend a day at a Korean spa with Anthony Bourdain and Tim Ferris
-get dined by hot boys and girls
-roadtrip to San Francisco to escape this weird summerfall Los Angeles weather

And then!! While I was looking through my favorite blogs tonight (it's a fine destresser for me), I found this!!!

It's BACON cashew CARAMEL popcorn!!!

I'm going to make myself a huge truckload of this Saturday morning. Yesssssss. I love celebrations. Especially ones that involve bacon.

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Jay said...

Can you bring this on the hike?