Flash Mob Hollywood

One more thing I could add to me resume. Woohoo! Just kidding.

Still awaiting good video footage, but in the meantime, here are some photos! 

First, we practiced for 3 hours at a park far away from the chosen location. 
Practiced, practiced and practiced - enough to forever ingrain the moves into our heads. 

Making it rain

We all purchased shirts to support Japan relief efforts - all proceeds went to the Japanese Red Cross.
We hid the shirts underneath unassuming jackets, cardigans and sweaters. 
Once we got to the location, we assimilated with the crowd. 

Can you spot me? Pretty easy. I can spot 2 of my friends here, too! 

When I heard the music start, I got soooo excited. More excited than I thought I would. Couldn't contain my smile.

 The moment passed so quickly. In a flash, we came, we danced and we were gone.

Yep, that's me!

Was it worth feeling silly in front of my mirror trying to get the choreography down the night before? Was it worth waking up early Sunday morning to practice for 3 hours? 

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, do it!

There's me in the back (red) and my friend, V (orange)

Met several cool folks and even found a really yummy (yes, yummy!) vegan restaurant nearby.
There will definitely be more flash mobs in my future.

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