Momma Chun

This is a big shout out to my umma, my mom.

a blurry photo of one of momma chun's works

As I was staring at the photo I took earlier of one of her paintings, I realized that my belief in the age old saying, "anything is possible if you put your mind to it," doesn't just come from reading autobiographies of famous people who overcame insane hardships or from watching years worth of CNN Heroes - it really streams down directly from my mom.

After all that she's been through with her health, our family financial problems and trying to be the best mother and wife...she has managed to become an established artist and singer. She's had her artwork presented in a gallery. She's sang at Carnegie Hall and the Korean equivalent of the White House in Korea. She may even sing at the actual White House (so she nonchalantly mentioned the other day). Like whoa, right? And guess what? She did this all after the age of 50. That's Momma Chun for you. Fierce.

"Put yo' mind to it, G." - Momma Chun

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