It's been a while, hasn't it?

What's changed in YFT world since the last time I posted?

1) I started eating meat again. Only when I'm out with friends, really. I have mixed feeling about it. Kogi's Roy Choi put it best, "Animals be talking to me."

2) I can tie my hair. Whaaaat? It's long enough to tie. Partially. :D And it's starting to look like a mullet. Sexy time. Oh, and when I posted this, it was as though I sent out a Call to Action and Asian pro pros throughout LA read it and said, "Challenge accepted," b/c I immediately received PMs and comments with replies like, "I'm not like the other Asian guys. I love your short hair," "I noticed you in the crowd b/c you're more unique," and "Enjoyed your post. Just to let you know, I love girls who can pull off short hair. And I'm Korean." I'm not going to date you just to help you prove a point.

3) I experienced the world of Burning Man. Let's just say, it was pretty radical, extremely mind-opening and insanely beautiful. It's become a place I could call home and I can't wait to go back next year. I'm very lucky I got to go!

4) Travel-wise, I'll be heading up to SF again later this month, will be in Korea (and perhaps a few days in Thailand) all of November and finally experiencing Colorado in December. Can't wait to see my relatives in Korea! And I'm thinking about trying out snowboarding for the first time while I'm out in CO...I should, right? Not looking forward to the cold part. ><

5) I'll be starting up Yulree Fundraising Time again soon! Hee. I have something brewing...and I can't wait to share it with you! Like last time, it has something to do with yoga. ;)


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