Someone recently asked me what I like and don't like. Don't think I've been asked that question since elementary school. Well, here's what I wrote in my journal so far. I'll post some dislikes later.

I like making eye contact, smiling through my eyes and seeing the other person smile back through theirs.

I like peanut butter. Too much.

I like riding my bike short distances, to the grocery store, library and get-togethers nearby.

I like dancing with my eyes closed. It helps me listen to the music better.

I like the smell of honey and gardenias. Separately. Though I think they'd smell quite lovely together, too.

I like how my heart feels after I write, do yoga, pray, speak with a dear friend or make a new connection.

I like falling asleep. 

I like writing lists. And writing, in general, to sort things out and figure out the world/myself.

I like knowing that I'll be thankful for life, no matter what.

I like bringing people together.