Happy Face & Valentine's Day

So I've been using this new app called Sleep Cycle and every morning, along with its beautiful tunes, it asks me what mood I am in. I have three choices: A sad face, an indifferent face and a happy face. I used to press the button that correlated to how I felt waking up. But then I realized that these buttons were choices. Choices. That I had authority over. My mood can be an active decision that I make. 
So every day from that point on, I click the happy face. 

morning juice + yoga

And whoa, what a difference that little choice makes.


In other YFT news: 
I've been going through my journals, and though I haven't fully formulated my thoughts on how I feel about it yet, I can say it's not time wasted. For now, let's just say it's entertaining. 

Turns out my 1996-self got more chocolates on Valentine's than I have in the past 5+ Valentine's days. *jealous* And look, it says Feb 13. It wasn't even Valentine's Day yet. Hey, I get it. Some people reach their peak earlier than others.

Sorry, Jenna, cat's out of the bag

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