gluttonous sloth

I forgot to pay my bills
didn't eat any vegetables or fruit
ended up not walking my dog
forgot to bring workout cloths to the gym

I ended up reading my first fictional book in like 4 years (that ironically is about a girl who has trouble paying her credit card bills)
ate a whole bag of salt & vinegar chips
cleaned the dog pee out of the carpet
and fell asleep at 9:30 pm


sidenote: Found out that the genius behind 'Gabriel's Oboe' is Ennio Morricone. Listened to more of his pieces and have fallen in love with him. His compositions are so full of emotions, just what I love. I'm very excited about it because I haven't found a 'soundtrack' composer I liked since Henry Mancini. And of course Morricone wrote the score for Cinema Paridiso!

Food: I love that in L.A., you can find so many ethnic grocery stores, each with its own special characteristics. I go to Korean markets for bread, pastries, fresh fish, meats and great quality fruit. I go to Mexican markets for good deals on spices, herbs and fish. I go to Japanese markets for reallllly fresh fish for sushi/sashimi. I go to Chinese markets for loads of vegetables. Last but not least, I go to Trader Joe's for cheese and everything else besides meat/fish/veggies (tends to be more expensive, unless frozen).

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