slow day at the office

reading news, stumbled upon this.


i should show my mother this. my mom who incessantly wishes (both in her prayers and to my face) for me to enter an ethnically homogeneous marriage " that your children won't get confused and have an identity crisis" (mom).

i think there are bigger things to worry about. i have plenty of friends who are happa (ethnically mixed) and are more mentally sound and healthy than the majority of people in this world.

i wonder what would happen if there were no such thing as ethnicities and everyone had an UN passport. would we have had as many wars, genocides, and conflicts? maybe we'd just focus on something else to fight about.

btw, i LOVE that obama was also a third-culture kid (tck).

Food: This happens rarely, maybe once every 6 months - I would actually spend an ENTIRE day looking at everything food related on the web. Whether it's looking at restaurant menus, restaurant deals, food blogs with pictures, food blogs without pictures, yelp, yelp, yelp, loads of recipes, kitchen appliances, more recipes, more cooking blogs, food & wine section of newspapers and magazines...I'm crazy.

Maybe I should go into the food business since I love food and cooking so much.

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