I'm not a big fan of rain. I can't do most of the things I usually like to do under the sun.
Hiking, reading, beaching, wandering the streets of LA...

One thing I do really cherish about rain is the first smell of rain. The fresh, sweet scent.
The smell brings back vivid memories of rain in Arizona.
You see, in Arizona, you can smell the rain before the rain actually comes. That sweet sweet scent of rain. It's like smelling a deep, delicious stew or a buttery fresh baked pie even before seeing it. Anticipating it and just being enveloped in the smell...sometimes it's even better than actually eating it. Mmmmm.

There is something so innately right about the smell of rain. Something so naturally comforting, invigorating, rejuvenating.
There's no other smell like it in the world.

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