Dear Chives,
I worried about you for a forever of 30 days. I thought that that one time I klutzily and quickly watered (read: flooded) you, it loosened the soil too much and thus disturbed your roots. You looked like you didn’t have enough rigidity to self-support yourself. You were thin and frail. Alas! You have straightened up! And you’ve added a little bit more meat to you skinny frame. Yay!

Dear Seeds,
You weren’t budding fast enough. So I planted ALL of you! I think I overdid it. I now have too many (but very cute) buds and too little pots.

Dear Lettuce Variety,
I was afraid that once I snapped some of your leaves off to eat with my steak, you wouldn’t be able to replenish yourself. I held my breath as I gingerly snapped each leaf, one by one. I prayed that your leaves would come back. I made peace with myself that if they didn’t, I would be okay with it. What a miracle that they grew back!!

Dear Tomatoes,

I’m worried about you. You’re the only one that carries some yellowish leaves. Too much light perhaps? I will try moving you away from the sun.

Dear Italian Basil,
My first. YOU SMELL SOOOOO GOOD. I love combing my hand through your little leaves and then smelling your bright fragrance on my fingers.

Dear Thai Basil,
GROW! Faster! You can do it! yayyyy.

Dear Pepper Variety,
When will I see my first pepper? You’ve been all leaves for a really long time now. Come on out, peppers! Don’t be shy. I don’t bite. haha j/k. Of course I’ll bite! And I will fulfill your destiny!

Dear Garden,
Thanks for reminding me every day (or every other day) of how simple and beautiful life is. Thanks for indulging my nuturing needs.



Average Monet said...

you are too funny. i want a veggie/herb garden too. i'm thinking of putting it out on my fire escape but i'm worried the ny air will kill anything green =(

kristin fukushima said...

hahahaha my fav is your letter to the peppers... you are THEEE BESTEST