I met up with lovely Victoria of {p&t} in Silverlake today to discuss pretty things, like craft booths, pen pals of far off lands, and new life endeavors. Our main reason for meeting up was actually because I wanted the talented Miss Victoria to create customized Thank You and Miss You cards for many of the people in the world who I thank and miss. It's an understatement to say that I am estactic! I can't wait to share with you the final creation. :)

I know customized cards can be pricey, but one) I am supporting a friend (who is a local artist), two) I will be able to express my love for others through these personalized cards and three) they will be one of a kind!


While waiting for Vivacious Victoria in Silverlake, I tried Yerba Maté for the first time (I do love trying new things), and I tried it the traditional way.

Supposedly, this is how they drink it in the jungles of South America. It's supposed to revitalize your spirit and refresh your body. It's earthy and leafy. It provides natural caffeine.

Sounds dandy.

But my unrefined tastebuds could not handle it. I couldn't like it. I really tried. I tried 3 cups plain. Even after 5 bags of Splenda, it tasted like sweetened bitter, dirty hay.

I set it aside, and started watching the people who walked in...


Casbah Café

Only in L.A.,
at a hipster, artsy cafe in Silverlake

Oh wait.
They’re playing Billie Holiday.
That’s nice.
Lover Man.
Not my favorite song of Lady Day’s,
but awesome nonetheless.


Only in L.A…
does the door of a hipster cafe


one by one
a gang of road warriors,
a pack of asphalt leather clad,
heavy moustached, heavy booted, heavy chained,
six foot tattooed giants

saunter in


order oriental princess tea,
chai lattes
and spinach quiches.


Have a wonderful day, wherever and whoever you may be!


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