A Beautiful Morning

Today is one of those days where you feel like anything is possible. 
view from Belmont Station
There is a strong, if not exact, correlation between the sun and my mood. 


Los Angeles has bloomed.
view from 3rd street in Little Tokyo
A sneak peek into Hanami time in Japan. It's going to be AHHH!!Mazing. 3 guys and a girl. Who all love eating and exploring and explosions. Eatsplorsions, here we come!


I sometimes wonder what I'd eat if I were to be homeless and begging for coins on the street. I keep a mental list. It's pretty substantial. Today, I've added Trader Joe's 19 cent bananas to that list. 
I got all of these for $1.14. Potassium for my belly.
I'm making Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding today. I almost forgot the bananas, but Trader Joe's saved the day.


Sidenote: I love watching babies and children eat. Not in a creepy way.