A day in the life of YFT

This past Saturday, I managed an event called BANANA 2: Visibility Viability Voice. It gathered together 200 people at CBS Studios in the effort to unify, empower and inspire Asian American bloggers. The event was successful and everyone is already looking forward to BANANA 3.

Whenever I do a major 100-300 person event, I'm on my feet for 15-18 hours at a time, I lose several hours of sleep and I'm super alert/sensitive to everything that's going around me (like spiderman mode). Event planning/managing/executing renders me immobile by the time an event is over. 

So I need a day to recuperate. Today's my recuperation day. Wow, what a long intro. Since I have the day off, I decided I would document it - give you a play by play. I actually want to know myself. It'd be fun going back to this post and reading it several years from now. :)


3:00 am - finally filled out my Project by Project application and sent over to my friend, Eden. I want to help with their community relations. Great great nonprofit. If you're interested in volunteering, they need a graphic designer. 

3:30 am - bed time

9:00 am - morning time. Ate half a bag of popchips (I'm addicted) while catching up on youtube videos. I love watching communitychannel (Natalie Tran). She's hilarious. I also follow 5AwesomeGays. I love them, too. I have a lot of love to spread. I also spent a good amount of time watching Arden Cho (see previous post) videos. She super talented, me thinks. I saw her at the KoreAm Unforgettable Gala last year - I should've introduced myself.

9:30 am - Put on a face mask (egg whites) because my skin felt blah. kept watching more youtube videos.

10:00 am - Returned phone calls that I've been neglecting because of the event. Called back mom. Made some work calls. Made some nonprofit-related calls. Called my friend, Cody, and made plans to hang out later - may go hiking. We'll see. The weather scares me. It hailed/snowed during my event on Saturday. 

10:45 am - Took off face mask. Answered emails. Decided I will go grocery shopping in San Gabriel Valley area. Decided I will document my day.

11:00 am - Started typing this. 

-more to come, will add appropriate links later. gonna go get dressed now.