So. This shaving my head thing. No matter how much I hype it up, I think it'll still be freakin' heart-thumping, jaw-droppingly climatic the day I shave it. I am going to freak. My new hairdresser is going to freak. My friends are going to freak. My MOM is going to freak.

Funny thing, my hair is actually starting to look quite nice. It was in this awkward phase for a while due to an unfortunate haircut by a layer-happy hairdresser in ktown last year. At its worst, my hair was unhealthy, dull, tangley and highly prone to dandruff. In other words, my hair effin' sucked and the top bun became my new best friend. It was only after I decided to shave my head did I start taking care of it. Cuz if I were to cut of off my hair in its current condition then, no one would ever accept my hair as a donation, even if it was a donation. So sad.

I can really see the difference in taking care of my hair! I laugh at myself for not taking care of my hair sooner.  I've been using organic Whole Foods products, leave-in conditioner, root fortifiers...the whole gamut. And now, I'm really digging my hair. I'm totally gonna show it off - with hair flings, head bangs, all of it. Look at my gorgeous hair, world! It won't be here for long.

Soon, it'll be bye bye hair. I hope someone will get some really good use out of it. 

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stevage said...

I will appreciate it. Help teach the world about the impermanence of beauty so that they may learn to appreciate it.