Yoga, Unpause!

Yoga was on pause for the past couple months, regrettably, due to work, travel, running injuries, colds and distractions I am not proud of.

Only recently did I get back into the vinyasa groove. DJ Bedhead helped me find a charming new yoga studio on Sunset just less than 10 minutes (drive) from home. I should really start running to the studio, but the classes I've been going to are at 6:55 in the morning...and do you know how effin' cold and dark it is lately at 6:55 in the morning? It's already a miracle that I wake up that early. One miracle at a time.

I have to say, it feels immensely liberating and gratifying getting back into yoga. Liberating because it gives my mind a break from distractions. Gratifying because my body feels so damn good after some deep stretching and breathing. 

It's a wonder why I ever put yoga on hold. It makes life so much sweeter.

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