Momo Season

I know it's still kinda premature for the super delicious peaches (which come out  later in July) but I really couldn't wait to start taking them home whenever I see them at grocery stores/famer's markets.

The other day, I excitedly picked up a bunch of peaches from Vons b/c they smelled so alluringly good. Unfortunately for me, the batch did not taste anything like it smelled and was uber bitter. Caused major cottonmouth. And equally major disappointment.

DJ Bedhead said that I should still use them somehow. So wise.

One for you, one for me

I tried to make peach cobbler without looking up any recipes (I hate following recipes) and ended up with peach muffins. 

Still tasted yummy. :) 

I'm going to stick to buying peaches at farmer's markets and Korean grocery stores now. They know good fruit.

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