Foolish and Addicted

I think I am addicted to physically challenging myself.

Never have I challenged myself this much (physically) as I have within the past month or two. It's all because of a combination of willingness and foolishness.

Bay to Breakers, uphill, getting pumped by Biggie Smalls and Daft Punk
First off, I got the crazy idea that I should start running. Why? I dunno. I thought I hated it so I tried it just to reconfirm my hatred. I was wrong. It was actually not that bad. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to run Bay to Breakers, I said, "Sure! Sounds fun" without really knowing how much I'd have to run.

You know, just chillin' just stretchin' with my medal
I didn't even know that it was over 7 miles until I got to the 7 mile mark while actually running it. And I really did run the whole thing! Twas tough but the experience was a very remarkable one. I smelled pine trees, high-fived naked old people, got a gorgeous view of the bay and even got a medal!

My mini mountain bike
Then there's the biking thing. I've always always always been such a scaredy cat on the bike. My parents got me a beautiful pink/purple one when I was little and I still refused to learn. When I finally learned at the age of 18, I was still pretty bad at biking whenever there were people or cars around. My college roommate had this running joke that whenever she would bike with me, she'd turn around to see me in a bush or apologizing to someone.

Channeling The Rock as I biked 30+ miles; constant stream of sweat - so sexy
I wanted to experience Los Angeles on a different level so I got me a bike. My second time riding it, I was already on the road, with cars and trucks zooming past me. It wasn't so bad since it was pretty leisurely. But then, my fourth time...I ended up freakin' biking over 30 miles with Critical Mass with my dinky Target-bought mountain bike. That's what happens when I say yes without really thinking about it. Hardest thing I've ever done in years.

Post-biking. You can tell I was sooooo happy to be off that bike.

Intense hiking, bikram yoga, trapezing - you name it. I've been rapidly going through the list as if I don't have the rest of my life to get them all in.

Climbing up some silk ropes @ Cirque School
Just another day in the life of YFT - Climbing trees @ the Disney Concert Hall.

As mentioned before, I think it takes a little bit of foolishness to do stuff like this. It overrides the fear. The fear of firsts and the fear of looming difficulties (e.g. getting hurt, feeling faint, being insanely sore).

Whether out of foolishness or the excitement for a good challenge or both, I'm not sure, but I signed up for my half marathon, will be signing up for a FULL marathon soon, and I really don't know what I was thinking when I did this, but I just signed up to bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a 7-day, 545 mile bike ride. I dunno. I'm crazy.

Here's to being foolish and enjoying life to the fullest! 

BY THE WAY, IT'S THE BEGINNING OF PEACH SEASON!!! Peaches!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM. My ultimate favorite thing to eat!!! I've been waiting ALL YEAR.

So rad. So freakin' rad.

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