I am truly blessed and so thankful to be here in India. I lucked out and have the two most wonderful teachers who are amazing and joyful human beings. They both are insanely wise but still retain the wonderment towards life that you often see in children. I'm enjoying the growth, the talks, the classes and everything in between.

My main teacher is Akhilesh. He's the one who put the program together. He's so lively and the way he tells stories is phenomenal. That's him playing the drums during Satsang, where we all gather together after dinner every night to discuss truth. Sometimes, we end up singing, drinking chai with sweets (Akhilesh has a lot of students/fans who visit him from Europe and they bring the best chocolates!) and talk about random things like traveling, governments, Indian tales and such.

This, above, is the open area where we sit for Satsang. We lounge here to study and chat during the day as well. And following is the view from the sitting area. The building in the photo is our yoga hall.

Probot, our philosophy and mantra teacher, seems at first very reserved and serious. But oh, the smile and laughter that man has! He is fascinated by pop culture (I told him what flash mobs were the other day and he used it as an analogy in yesterday's class) and is the most humble person I have met.  Just above is a picture of him in our yoga hall.

Breathing, eating, sleeping (just the other night, I woke up in a yoga position), dreaming, thinking, meditating, studying, reading, practicing yoga for a month is really preparing me to be a yogi. Initially, I was thinking, "there is no way I'd be ready to teach," but Akhilesh and Probot are really training us well. :)

Hope everyone else is living happily and soundly. Sending y'all much love from India.


rich said...

It looks amazing and the beds remind me of your floor pillows.

pauline said...

i'm so amazed by your whole yogi experience! i've been goin to 2 different yoga studios 3x a week and can't wait to take your class one day!

smashingidol said...

I loved reading your blog spot. I really enjoy seeing India through the Western eyes or reading people's views on India - it gives me a fresh new perspective on my own country. Wish I was there too. I used to practice yoga in school and even participated in some competitions (strange as that may sound)!! Glad to see that you're enjoying the trip and your yoga classes so much. You're going to come back a yogi!!

yft said...

Wow, I had no idea people commented on my blog. It's nice to see that they do. :D

Pauline - I'm here in L.A. and I haven't seen you yet! Why is that? We must correct this error. Immediately.

Smashingidol - is that you, Shago? I'm guess it is...the picture is quite small so I can't tell. :D I hope you're doing well despite the surgery!! Miss you, woman. I have a gift for your little one!