I have become a neti-er! The notion of putting salt water up my nose always seemed a bit weird to me. Why would you consciously choose to feel like you're drowning in the ocean?

First of all, it doesn't feel like that. And I get it now that I've tried it. It really clarifies your breathing.And when you breath clearly, you get more oxygen. And when the body is properly oxygenated, you just feel so much better. And when you feel better, you feel happier.

I'm not trying to sell neti pots, no. :D All I'm saying is, don't follow my path and dismiss it before trying it. During travels, it's always good to keep an open mind and to not dismiss things before experiencing them for yourself.

Here's a picture of me doing it over two weeks ago.My hair has grown out a lot since then. It's currently in that awkward stage where it's extra poofy but not long enough to style. Perhaps I'll share a photo of my current hair in the near future. Perhaps I won't. :D

Happy Neti-ing!


rich said...


Cat said...

hey yulree,

i am a neilmed fan too! though i've never tried the netipot, i have been nasal spray with the little bottle for years... love it. maybe i'll try the pot soon :)

can't wait til yoga certification! :)

Cat said...

dang, totally forgot the rest of my comment. oh yeah -- so after all these years of being in hawaii, i am still not a surfer/sponger/watersports-goer. however i've heard that many ppl who surf often usually never get sick because they naturally 'netipot' while in the ocean. neat huh?

yft said...

Hey Cat!! So good to hear from you.
Are you getting yoga certified, too?
Actually, my yoga teacher did tell me that a lot of Indian folks who live by the ocean just do natural neti! Btw, what is a sponger?