Sights of India

Some sights I'm appreciating in India:

Took this yesterday morning. It was our day off to study but we decided as a group that we'd like to see some dolphins before we got our studying on. Dolphins, unfortunately, we did not see. But we did get to see the sun rise. It was lovely to feel the waves of the ocean - it put me in a very meditative state and the rest of the day ended up being very relaxed.

Met this little girl in one of the small textile shops. Her eyes were STUNNING and they took up half of her face. She greeted me with the most gentle pull on my hand. I asked her father if I could take a picture of her and when we told her, "picture," she put her face to my camera. Every time I walked back, she kept coming forward, planting her face on the lens of my camera. So adorable.

This tree is on the path from my room to the yoga hall. Ain't it beautiful? There's so much life here, many different kinds of plants and creatures. I will do a post on all the different creatures and plants I've seen later.

Cows on the beach! These cows are exquisite, with smooth hides and long horns.

P.S. I took my final exam today. We did the performance part a couple days ago where we each had to teach a 2 hour class. Today's was the written part. Bandhas, mudras, pranayamas, bones, sutras galoreeeee. But we're finally done (that's why I can be at the internet cafe at this hour!) and we find out our test results tonight. 

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