A year ago, I started asking myself this question. Every day.

This particular question held a large significance in my day to day life this past year. It's what got me to India;  it's what drove me to become a certified yoga teacher; it's what allowed me to open up to my friends and deepen my relationships; it's what pushed me to go from an insanely stressful advertising career to a freelance one where I make time to work on the projects I've always wanted to work on. 

1) It reminded me that "hey, I have a heart." And that no matter what my brain had been conditioned to think, my heart really is what drives my actions. 

2) It made me question, "If my heart isn't in what I'm doing, what can I do to change the situation?" I realized that although external factors do have an impact on your heart, love, happiness and trust have the most solid foundation (and aren't fickle) if they do come from within. 

3) It allowed me to focus. Cut the fat, the excess, the B.S. And really find what I truly love to do, not just what I'm good at, and go for it w/o hesitation.

4) Heart begets heart. You put your heart in your conversations, your gestures both big and small, your prayers and your goals - and your heart will only get bigger and stronger. And the people, projects, answers that are filled with love will come to you.

Life is short, folks. Act, speak, give from your heart. 

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