Roadtripping Alone. Lonely? I think not!

Things you can do to keep you entertained (and awake) for long road trips when driving alone:

1) Listen. The most obvious thing you can do - listen to podcasts and audio books. Some recommended podcasts are This American Life, Radiolab and NPR's Intelligence Squared.

2) Sing. The more ridiculous the song, the better. And the louder the better. I brushed up on my singing skills with the Pocahontas soundtrack as well as some old school Kpop/Jpop.

3) Pray. Meditate. Or if you're not into praying or meditating, spend time thinking about your purpose. Your passions. Your goals. Turn off the radio, sit in silence, let your mind wander and observe where it goes. Be an alert witness to your thoughts. You have the time to do so without any distractions. Maximize this opportunity!

4) Call. Make a phone call to that someone you've been meaning to call.

5) Beatbox. Similar to singing, turn on the radio, listen to the beat, and try to follow along. You will be a beatbox master in no time. ;)


Personally, I spend most of my driving time on #3, though I want to do more of #4 and #5. Can't expect to become a beatbox master without practice. ;)

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