Some Like it Hot

I like it even hotter.
Plump and ready for some chopping

I have to say, it took a trip to Seattle for me to try pepper jelly for the first time. It's a big ass question mark why I never tried it before. Sweet and spicy. Togeza??? Match made in heaven, my friend. And by heaven, I mean my mouth. It was like the first time I tried bacon candy. My taste buds and mind grapes exploded like Cai Guo Qiang's fireworks - chaotic and wild but full of beauty and intent.

This lady was awesome - she let me try 7 different kinds!

I left Seattle without a jar of enchanted pepper jelly though because I was inspired to make my own (one of the many reasons why I love traveling - food inspo overload!). It's been almost two weeks since I've been back on Angeleno soil, and today, I finally dedicated some time to make my own batch. As my dear friend Goethe likes to say, "Willing is not enough; we must do."

Yulree 1 : Jalapenos 0

So I did do. I did it spicy. Extra extra spicy. So spicy, DJ Bedhead and I were coughing up a storm as the apartment filled up with spice molecules while I sauteed the jalapenos. So spicy, you could eat a piece of plain tuna roll and the smell of the peppers will trick you into thinking you were eating spicy tuna roll. BAM.

Here's my end product:

Orange, Lemon Jalapeno Jelly a la YFT
Not pretty but oh so yummy - I am no food photographer.

Think of all the yummy things you can do with this! Slap it on some fresh-baked cornbread. Or drizzle over some soft cheeses like brie or camembert for a cheese party (in my mouth). Or even just have it with some crackers. Drool. I'm gonna go eat some now.

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