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Been trying out different names for blogs. Deciding to stick with this one, meaning I'm bringing all my past posts here.

Also, making my blog public. Whoohoo. breaking down the walls, baby!

February 26, 2010

I wish letter-writing was as common as telephoning. You can call me old school, old fashioned or just weird, but I’d much rather keep in touch through letters than by telephone. And it’s not just a desire to do this, I am really much better at keeping in touch via mail than phone(1).
Letter-writing is very dear to my heart. Letters, second to journals, are where I am most revealing. I boldly and sincerely write about my sentiments. Whatever passes through my hands onto letter paper is undisguised, purely natural and unreserved.

It was once again the beautiful scheme of life that brought my love of letter writing to Edren and The Undeniables(2).

Very excited to hear what my fingers and mind/heart/soul has to say for the next two months.

Onward Ho.
1 - If you are one of the many friends/relatives who have experienced my lack of phone skills (not answering calls, leaving my phone in my car all day, never listening to voice mails), please give me your mailing address and I'll guarantee you'll receive a letter from me. And it'll be thoughtful, too.
2 -; A writers workshop. Next session starts March 1st. Join me.

February 25, 2010

This night was simply beautiful.
Oh man, Al Green’s Simply Beautiful is pure sexy time.

Salatmat to RS for introducing me to the life-changing, mood-changing, love-changing song.

February 18, 2010
grandma hepburn
It was the first time I had walked into a gym since forever(1). The night before, I got on top of my scale (mind you, I had two dinners that evening), and I…was SHOCKED(2). Even replaying that moment in my mind right now just gave me the chills.
I now know that buying 10 “family size” packs of 50%-off Christmas chocolate was not the best idea. I now know that boxing up the chocolates and naming the box “Stay Away” would only entice me more to rip open the box like a madman and gorge on it when I’m alone…in the middle of the night…as if it doesn’t count.
Anyway, back to the women’s locker room. I went to the lovely gym(3) with desperation to get back to my normal weight. After my tiring, embarassing workout(4), I walked into the women’s locker room to see a heavy-set woman in her 30s and a GILF engaged in what looked like a very interesting conversation. Oh, did I just say GILF? Oh yes, indeed I did. She wasn’t hot, per say. She was…stunning. Like Audrey Hepburn stunning. The 30-something woman and Grandma Hepburn were talking about tennis. Or swimming. Maybe both? I can’t remember. What I do clearly remember though is when Grandma Hepburn proceeded to tell the other woman that she is 92.
*dead silence in the locker room*
In that 5 second silence, I literally heard 5 jaws dropping, including the 30-something woman, 3 other women who were eavesdropping (like me!), and my own. She looked like she was 50.
So what’s her secret? Simple. So very simple. She ate healthy and exercised all throughout her life. I think she forgot to mention that she also had to sacrifice her first-born child to the devil.
Grandma Hepburn exercises every day, whether it’s through playing tennis or going to the gym. She not only looks healthy, her words were full of energy, her hands had great dexterity as she put on her cheek stain(5) and her feet had a cute bounce as she walked out the gym.

I initially visited the gym just because I wanted to lose a couple pounds. But after being witness to a product of a lifetime of healthy eating and daily exercise, I have a new resolve to be FIT.

And not to just look fit, but be fit…as my fitness mentor SY says.
1 - Forever ever? Yes.
2 - My eyes bulged out and my blood went hot with shock.
3 - I HATE the gym.
4 - 20 minutes on the eliptical. I’m a tortoise! I’ll get to the finish line slowly and surely. Just you wait.
5 - A non-powder blush.

January 25, 2010
discussions. walks.
Having a lot of in-mind discussions about my life. It's been good. I felt uncomfortable about my life for the past couple months, waiting and waiting for myself to finally do something about it. And out of nowhere, conversations, people, situations have sparked that fire that I've been saving so much kindle for.
Lots of writing. Lots of thinking. Lots of praying and hoping.
I've been walking. It's been good. Getting fresh air. Walking off a few calories. Warming up my joints. I am so grateful that I can walk around my neighborhood (at least when it's bright out). :)

January 21, 2010

i am so jealous. so sososososososososososo jealous.
5 days later...
“Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.”

January 20, 2010
L + G
I was recently speaking to someone(1) about luck. We were discussing that we both led very lucky lives. To be surrounded by great, solid friends, to have such a loving family and to have such enjoyable lives. Toward the end of our conversation, it hit me that the common factor of why we felt as though we are so very lucky is because we both have a very strong sense of gratitude. For everything. For everyone and everything that happens in our lives, whether good or bad.
To be grateful for life is to cherish it, to love it, to enjoy every moment of it. We enjoy life because we are grateful for it.

And that describes my first mantra in life: Gratitude to God(2).

1 - who I secretly think of as one of my soulmates.
2 - or to whoever created life!

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