when did i get to be so gangsta?
eating jipo and beer for dinner.

jipo = traditional korean pressed fish jerky that finely accompanies soju, crown royal or any korean people's drink of choice.

jipo + alcohol combination = i associate to my korean uncle, who outdrinks his german clients and his korean colleagues combined. he can kill you. you know chuck norris? my uncle would be his mysterious korean father who abandoned him as a baby. my uncle melts when i hug him though. i'm his favorite. hee.

in other news: the billie holiday play was the shizz. i wish i had brought all my friends to watch it. heck, since we're just wishing here...i wish i could build a time machine so i can time machine myself over to lady day's era and chill with her. of course i'd make a pit stop to mos def's place to pick him up. and i'd let al green hop on my ride, too. cuz who wouldn't want to hang out with this gangsta:


Erika said...

oh wifey. its as if im reading my own blog. =)

yft said...

@erika we were meant to be wifeys!