I'll be looking at the moon

loads of yft time this weekend. i guess it officially started last night b/c i've been in the weekend mood all day at work today. ;)

went to an open mic last night called break the silence in long beach and met a lot of genuine characters. the open mic felt very...fresh. lots of first-timers, grass-rootsy. loved it. needs the community support.

more to come:
1) rendevouz in little tokyo. hoping to connect an artist with an activist. :)
there once was a time when i was there every day. eh ver ee day ee. day and night. mmmm. i have lots of different layers of love for that place.
2) biking on the beach. zoom! adifpoaidfhaod. darn you rain, darn you!
3) spending some time with my ultimate favorite artist, billie holiday (she'll be there in spirit, i know it), at "bille: backstage with lady day."

it shall be lovely.

never can get enough of this

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