I met my supposed doppelganger for the second time yesterday. Except unlike my first time meeting her, I got to actually talk to her longer than just, "Hi, I'm Yulree." I found out where she lives! Creepy, much? :D Sounds creepier than it sounds.

yft aint this pretty
Yep, that's Tamlyn Tomita circa Karate Kid 2. I've been approached over 20 times with, "Heyyyyy, you look like that girl from Karate Kid 2." Firstly, how many people have even watched Karate Kid 2?! Secondly, no, I don't think so. 

I think I'll have a Karate Kid 2 movie night. Maybe I'll invite Tamlyn. Maybe she'll come. And maybe we'll have a face-off. 

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jenni hwang said...

lolol funny bc there have been so many times i wanted to tell you that you look just like her!