All my worlds are coming together!

Last night, I was at USC, my alma mater, to represent APEX at a student leadership seminar hosted by LEAP, where I once worked, and talked to the APASS assistant director, who used to be my roommate, browsed the program booklet that had my coworkers' names on it because our client sponsored the event, ran into my old coworker, who is now part of the NAAAP team, chatted with all the folks from PbP, the organization I recently rejoined, all the while grubbing on The Park's Finest, of which I know the owner.

All my worlds are coming togeza. Maybe I've lived in Los Angeles way too long.

ALSO. I finally walked into the new (it's still new to me!!) Sample building. OH MY GOSH DARN EFFING WHY didn't we have this while I was a student?! The Living Room was absolutely gorgeous and super classy. I think one of the couches costs more than my bed + desk + bookshelf combined. I'd like to think my tuition dollars paid for a couple of them. They should slap my name on one of those chairs or maybe on one of the slabs of marble that adorn the hallways.

my friend said we are spoiled. i had no response.

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