Welcome to Adulthood

uh oh spaghetti o's

As I was walking down Santa Monica Blvd during my lunch hour, I saw my reflection on one of the glossy storefronts....and I did not like what I saw.

What I saw was ME holding a can of diet coke. 

Whoa, how'd that happen. 

I grew up not drinking soft drinks. So naturally, I didn't acquire a taste (or feel?) for the harshly carbonated, overly sugary substance. I especially hated the taste of fake sugar. The only soft drink I really remember liking as a kid was Dr. Pepper/Rootbeer that was decarbonated (left out for a day or two). 

So why was I holding a can of diet coke today?

It's like the nicotine patch effect.

The past two weeks, I had used coffee and diet coke to ween myself off from my really bad chocolate habit. (How bad was this habit? It was more like an addiction, actually. I was eating about 10 pieces of chocolate a day. 5 would be usually be consumed before 10am. The tipping point was when I finished off a box of See's chocolates in one day). 

The diet coke and coffee definitely worked. I crave chocolate no more! (<-- just said this out loud, with a booming epic battle voice. think Maximus Decimus Meridius). I even gave away my whole chocolate stash!

BUT what weened me off from one addiction has in turn become my newest addiction. The weener has become the weenee. 

Well, now that I'm aware of it, I must revert back to my clean, plain tea drinking days. I just really hope I don't fall back into gorging on chocolate.


Sidenote: I mentioned my new addiction to my coworker and she snarkishly replied, "Welcome to adulthood." 
Is this what it's like being an adult? Coffee, diet coke and long work hours? 
YFT does not approve.

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digitalkimchee said...

mine is coke zero... ;D