Back to Basics

I had a mini breakthrough yesterday.

My mind decided to cut me a break and threw me a nice delicious bone. After weeks of feeling restless and not understanding where the restlessness came from, I finally came to the super refreshing realization that I am addicted to the feeling of growing. Notice I included "the feeling of." For a while, I thought I was addicted to growing, which I am, but I also couldn't figure out why that would bother me the way it did. I found that it's not the growing part that's the problem. Ah ha! It's my perception of it.

I'm pretty darn sure that the reason why I hop from one challenge to another I just jump onto large mountains of challenges, and why I keep piling them on, is because somewhere in my brain that calculates all the reasoning dwells a little yulree robot mechanically chanting, "more equals growth, more equals growth." How scary is that.

I had forgotten, amidst my hectic life, with challenges bursting out at the seams, some of the very fundamentals of growth.

-doesn't always have to show overnight
-sometimes takes repetition
-can't happen if there are too many elements involved
-takes time
-includes some breaks and nap times

everything i realized portrayed in one drawing

Glad the fog has settled and I could SEE again. What a beautiful reminder. Is it just me or do most answers and life lessons come from trees? :)

On another note:

1) I started drinking coffee. Surprisingly, good news bears. Usually, caffeine and I don't mix, but it's been good to me the past two days. Is it strange to say that it may have alleviated my cold? It's also curbed my craving for chocolate. Replacing one vice with another. Boy, I am sure going places.

2) Guess who got to do some serving last night? Me! And guess who got to serve Christina Hendricks? Me! The restaurant that I'm interning at was short staffed and needed help so I put on my serving shoes and jumped right in. There's something about getting compliments from a famous person -- a gorgeous and pleasant famous person at that -- that just makes you feel like you're pretty darn awesome. Her taking my food advice, me knowing what food she likes...we've entered a level of intimacy that I don't even get to with some of my acquaintances. Haha. Per chance that you read this, Christina, please don't think I'm a creep. :D 

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