Yulree Badass/Business Time

I have another blog
it's private.
and it's called YBT.
Yulree Badass/Business Time.

My life isn't always as careless/fun/exciting as this blog makes it out to be. I'm a hustler at heart. There's a method to the madness behind this crazy life I lead.

Here's a look into the life of YBT. The behind the scenes. The parts I usually leave out:

8:30am-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6pm-10pm -- Work hospitality night job
10pm-11:30pm -- Be super late to a nonprofit meeting.
11:30pm -- Fit in grocery shopping at a 24 hour supermarket

8:30am-7pm -- Work marketing day job
8pm-10:30pm  -- Nonprofit meeting
11pm-midnight -- Prepare lunches for Wed/Thurs

8am-Noon -- Community Roundtable at LA Chamber of Commerce
1pm-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6:30-?? -- Nonprofit meeting/dinner in SGV
??-?? -- Work on finalizing all details for next week's nonprofit event

8am-5:30pm -- Work marketing day job
6:30pm-11pm -- Work hospitality night job
11:30pm-midnight -- Pack for weekend trip

ARIZONAAAAA work on side project :) :)

See? Not so exciting now, is it? :D

My friends who do know me and my schedule ask when I sleep. I do sleep. I just don't get as much down time as I'd like. Also, I've resorted to running my errands during lunch and on my phone/internet whenever possible.
And why all the nonprofit stuff? Simple - because I like it. I love the people who are part of the nonprofits I am involved with and I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others whenever I can.
Why the second night job? Also simple - I am gaining experience in that field for my future.

I'm a hustler baby
I just want you to know
It aint where I been
But where I'm bout to go

I CAN'T WAIT until I'm in Arizona just bumming it in my PJs all weekend. And of course, work on a (very exciting) side project.

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