Travel Day

Things I'm looking forward to that are on my mind right now:

1) No distractions, no excuses and truly focusing on one thing only
2) Walking everywhere (no cars!)
3) Writing letters & postcards to friends and family from abroad
4) Meeting my host family in Narita and exploring the city for a day before I head out to Delhi

What I ate for breakfast before my flight:

1) Banana
2) Juice and water, mixed with fiber
(I hate feeling full and uncomfortable on long flights) 

What I packed for my 7 week trip: 

1) Carry-on suitcase
2) Yoga bag + mat
3) 1 additional carry-on bag
( I will not be taking that bike :D)
Btw, I did record a video of what I packed but don't have time to post it yet. Will do on my down time sometime soon.



Flora said...

I'm gonna be checking this blog on the regular!! Can't wait to get updates from your travels :) You rock, Yulree!

yft said...

<3 Hello! I'm back and am looking forward to seeing you again! I will go to SF just for you, woman!