How I had my first taste of soul, pop and funk

Where my first taste of Jackson 5, The Monkees, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder all came from:

I had the soundtrack CD on repeat ALL of 5th/6th grade. I even performed Sugar Sugar with my then bestie, Katie, at our annual school talent show. Went all out (there is no other way)- with the rainbow tinted Lennon glasses, home-made bell bottoms and braided hair complete with matching hair bands that hipsters wear to coachella these days

I listen to it now and I still think the person who put this soundtrack together is a genius. Just look at the songs. LOOK AT IT

As much as I declare my love for the more grown-up films like The Usual Suspects and Forrest Gump, this movie ALWAYS has a big place in my heart. BTW, 2005 was THE BEST movie year (Now & Then, The Usual Suspects, Brave Heart, Bad Boys, Toy Story, Se7en).  


mcsia said...

That was my favorite movie too. Then I got to meet the director of it which was awesome. Oh, now I really feel old.

yft said...

Really?? How awesome! I should watch it again soon - it's been so long since the last time I watched it.