Music & Travel

As I get ready for my trip to India and Japan, I was trying to figure out what I want to listen to. Music becomes my companion when I travel alone so it is very important in choosing the right adventure buddy. But so far, music has never disappointed me, whether it's Al Green, The Archies, Jon Brion or Jay-Z.

I ended up adding all of eat drink + be merry's mixtapes to my cellphone, which are rightfully titled, Wondertune. 

ed+bm is more than a food blogger. He is one of my my go-tos for travel, life-style and music inspiration. He was one of the first L.A. food bloggers I followed back in my final year of college when you could still count them off with your hand. Now, everyone's a food blogger. But! He still stands out from the masses. Ever glowingly so.He tells stories through his pictures, through food and the people he meets. And he takes you on journeys with his city-themed curated mixtapes

My current favorite is his Mexico City one (which I listen to at work a lot). Looking forward to hearing some of the newer mixtapes I haven't heard yet while I'm in Goa. 

I'm also taking my iPod, which will be my main source of audio pleasure. And DJ Bedhead is preparing it for me!! I've requested RnB and Indierock. Very excited to hear what he has in store for me. 

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